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Nowadays, we have less time than ever in the past. We are always rushing to meet all our deadlines, to always be on time and to ensure we don’t ruin previously assumed plans. Every day, all of us see people who are chasing around in the morning, grabbing a takeaway cup of coffee on the way to work or school. When, then, do we find time to meet with an old friend and, what’s more, when to find love or a date?

Luckily, there are people in the world who are not deaf to people’s needs and, better yet, are eager to fulfill them. This is why the number of dating apps and portals is constantly increasing, gaining billions of users every year. Check out some of the best, which are certainly worth paying attention!


David Khalil founder of the German startup eDarling says that the idea of a dating site crossed his mind when he decided to run a business. At this time, there were many websites which enable singles to find the love of their lives, but what made eDarling an exceptional device for finding love and what distinguish them from the competitors on the market?

What is really important, from the user’s point of view, is the presence of the highly reliable personality questionnaire – it consists of 283 questions which define the personality type of the user. Funders emphasize the importance of the customer service department, which is responsible for verifying whether the profile is real or not. The fake ones are banned and can longer use the service – for the eDarling team, it is incredibly important to make their users safe while also being part of a community.

Quality – not quantity – matters here the most. Instead of getting a long list, a user obtains 5-7 propositions from those most suitable to their profile; no time is wasted going through the profiles which are not appropriate.

Users can not only can use a broad range of communicators but, also, there is a diverse base of articles, raising up subjects such as single people, relationships, psychology, and family.


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Tinder was launched in 2012 and, by now, it has gained enormous popularity. It is a location-based social search mobile app. After downloading it, the user has to register via Facebook but, what is most important and certainly needs to be highlighted, none of your friends will see your activity on Tinder and no one even knows that you’re using it. This app takes photos and information such as a hobby, followed pages and music preferences, from the Facebook account.

How does this “dating banger” actually works? After you download the free app on your mobile and connect it with your Facebook profile, you’ll be entertained by the photos of handsome guys or pretty women. All you have to do then is to swipe right, if you want to say yes to them, or left, if you think that they might be not your type or you simply don’t fancy them. The application works pretty simply and Tinder’s creators are still improving the device by enhancing its possibilities. Not so long ago, when someone swiped left, and said no to a candidate, they couldn’t turn back and rethink the decision. Now, if someone feels wrong about rejecting profiles, they can turn back and correct the mistake.

Tinder won Tech Crunch’s Crunchie Award for “Best New Startup of 2013”, and in the same year, it was on the top of 25 social networking apps available on the web based on the frequency of use and number of users.


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This is a service which differs from the previous options quite notably. It is neither a dating app nor a kind of portal. It is based on speed dating and meeting people in the real life. Again, likewise for many startups also here, necessity was the mother of design. A group of students realized that people are having more and more difficulties to interact with each other; not only is meeting the possible love of their lives a potential problem but, also, what causes a huge struggle is creating a condition or environment which raises the likability of meeting someone new.

Heads full of thoughts and experiences made the funders of Heartpick create a brilliant idea of setting up a portal which enables its users to meet in real life. How do they make it happen via an Internet service? They are launching events where, during which, those interested can meet and talk with each other. Users do not create profiles here and the first meeting takes place in real life, not online. Founders emphasize the importance of conditions which can either provoke people to have a sweet talk, even for complete strangers, without spoiling all the magic of the first glimpse. They are doing all their best to make it special and provoking for further meetings in the future.

Heartpick is not a regular dating service. What is crucial here is the fact that it sparks real meetings, using the internet and the service itself as a means to spread out the details of a date. The service, for now, enjoys popularity in Poland but its founders admit that they are thinking of spreading the idea wider.

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Lukasz Barnecki is the author of this brilliant idea. His experiences made him create the concept of a dating service for disabled people. The originator himself found his love via a dating services and wanted to make it simpler for people just like him.

It works like a classic dating website. A user has to register on the internet site, write few words about him or herself and, optionally, put some photos on their profile. After registration, the user can see the whole base of other people looking for love. If you find someone you’d like to show you’re interested, at first, you can “wink” at them. After that, you can, of course, chat with this person and then add him or her to the “friends list” or “hot list”. There are also discussion forums and a blog section where everyone can share their authorial sphere.

As for now, works only in Poland, but Lukasz Barnecki hasn’t said that’s all yet. The idea is brilliant, and it looks like people from all over Europe seems to be interested in the notion.


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Likewise Tinder, Bumble is also a location based social and dating application. The team which creates the app consists of 13 people, of which the only one is a man – some people call it the feminist Tinder, and the founder herself doesn’t deny it.

Similar to Tinder, it also uses Facebook to build a user profile with photos and basic information. What is interesting, by contrast to Tinder, where it doesn’t matter who in a pair starts a conversation, here, in straight matches – the woman is the only one who can start a chat. The application has many facilitating features, which make the app easier to use. There are features which enable the app’s users to mark some conversations as the favorite ones, send photo messages and to undo the mistaken rejection of a profile. What is crucial, when it comes to safety, Bumble launched a photo verification tool in September 2016 to insure that users of the app are the same people as those on their profile pictures. To be verified successfully – users are asked to submit a selfie of them, which is then reviewed by a real person who ensures the user is the person in their profile pictures.

This project, run mainly by girls, has gained some quite big success. It has more than 7 million users. In August 2016, Bumble announced the release of its paid service – bumble Boost. It contains some additional features.

As you can see now, there are many dating apps and services which enable people to find love, without searching through the whole city. These devices can successfully help many busy people to find the love of their lives.


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