wall bike urban gc1

Alberto Gonzalez and his startup Greencode develop ecological innovative products. Their goal is to create smart solutions which respect the natural environment. With this goal in mind, they have created the world’s first bike made of recycled paper. All healthy and eco-friendly lifestyle and sports aficionados are going to love this idea! Get ready for an ecological ride with Urban GC1.

street bike urban gc1

The bicycle is made of recycled materials and a recycled kraft paper panel, developed by Greencode, called GC Panel. They reduce the plastic waste by using bottles, nickel, rubber and reusable steel. Urban GC1 is also safe and its frame is made of resistant steel. Don’t worry if your bike gets wet, either, as the paint is made of recycled polystyrene that prevents moisture from passing through to the paper. Even the painting is ecological.

As for the tires of this bike – these are another story! They are designed not to use air. Sounds magical? It actually uses rubber, recycled plastic, and GC Panel. Thanks to a special metal structure, the rim is very sturdy. The GC Panel, rubber, and plastic help to create the necessary shape of a tire and absorb the vibrations generated by the movement. This allows you to have a smooth ride, but without worrying about the air in your tires.  

lake bike urban gc1

Urban GC1 has got a remarkable design. At first glance, the bike looks like it is taken directly from a cartoon. Yet this device is absolutely real! Dedicated for use within the city, the new Urban GC1 will come in several colors: black, white, blue, pink, green, orange, brown, violet and red.

The Mexican startup team also thought about the package. It will be reusable, too. They want to avoid generating garbage so, when you receive your package with the new Urban GC1, inside you will find a manual which will guide you to turn the bicycle packaging into something useful. This is another easy and eco-friendly solution!

window bike urban gc1

Currently, Alberto and his team are crowdfunding their product on Kickstarter. Feel free to support them and pre-order a Urban GC1 for MX$ 2.499 (around $115). Purchase this unique bike and reap the rewards – less contamination, less trash, no more traffic jams, no more waste of time and, finally, gain the healthiest life!


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