Are you sick and tired of unstable Wi-Fi? It seems like you don’t have to worry anymore because, Knbor Technology Co., a Hong Kong-based tech company, found a smart solution for all Internet users. The company is launching a new and innovative product called KNBOR, which seeks to provide a solution to a common problem that plagues Wi-Fi technology these days: coverage.

KNBOR is a unique smart ceiling lamp that features a multitude of programmable lighting options, all controllable from the lamp’s own mobile app. The lamp’s colors can be manually picked and synced to music. It can also be programmed to dim or brighten at certain hours of the day, so as to mimic one’s sleeping habits. Furthermore, this device is “an eco-friendly, healthy and affordable” product.

However, KNBOR’s most notable feature is its Wi-Fi signal-producing capability. Connected to an ethernet port, a KNBOR unit will instantly turn into a wireless router, essentially making the room where it was installed in a Wi-Fi hotspot.

The KNBOR unit utilizes its function thanks to the latest in Power Line Communication (PLC) technology. PLC promises to consume less electricity, yet still deliver a powerful internet signal with fast transmission and zero strength loss. It has also been touted to be one of the most cost-efficient methods with which one can equip a house with Wi-Fi. Since KNBOR units are designed to be placed high up on the ceiling, this ensures that the chance for dead zones will be reduced to zero.Bring Wi-Fi signal to wherever KNBOR lights upKNBOR’s design is simple and minimalistic, making the device perfectly suitable to any interior: bedroom, living room or office. The main body is built with high-quality aluminum, powder coated with a 0.8-micron layer that provides an incredibly wear-resistant surface. This coating technique is the same method used for smartphones and other high-quality electronics.

74 backers have already pledged over $33,991 to the KNBOR on Kickstarter. If you want to join in on the fun, the super early bird price of a device stands at $99. The production of the units for shipment to Kickstarter backers will commence in February 2017. KNBOR is expected in June of next year. Thus, you should support the project as soon as possible!


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