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Lose it is a weight loss app which has been around for a couple of years already, but now it has introduced a new, awesome feature. Users don’t have to enter what they are eating by themselves anymore, as taking a photograph of the food is perfectly enough! The app is now able to recognize the food, so the only job left is to choose the correct option and select the serving size.

Lose it also has other features designed to help in losing weight. Users can set goals, use a personalized weight loss plan and connect Lose it with other applications and devices, such as wireless scales or workout apps. Everything is designed to keep you motivated and help you in achieving your goals.

Thanks to the new feature, Lose it is getting more and more attention. The app already helped to lose over 50 million pounds around the world and, now, it’s on a path to gain more and more users, assisting them in improving their diet.


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