Vinci headphones

What does Vinci have in common with Artificial Intelligence? Apparently, more than you could imagine. Founded in September 2014, San Francisco’s Inspero Inc. has invited smart headphones “that understand you”, calling them Vinci after a true genius of the Italian Renaissance. The company believes “in a future where your headphones are the central hub of your connected world.”

So, just why are Vinci headphones able to understand you? First of all, this device learns your music preferences, measures your vitals and tracks your activity, to recommend personalized content for you. Secondly, the product contains a voice-controlled AI Mobile Assistant who manages your music, checks the weather and finds local restaurants.

These headphones are also hands-free. So, all you have to do is ask your Vinci. Thirdly, Vinci is a standalone device, so there’s no need to connect to, or search via, your mobile phone. Fourthly, it uses dual-mic noise reduction technology to filter out ambient noise from the desired sound, which improves voice recognition in any noisy environment.

What’s more, the device is very easy-to-use. Just put the headphones on and music automatically plays. Remove them and the music automatically pauses. You can also swipe forward or backward to easily change tracks. Likewise, swiping up or down adjusts the volume.

Vinci has what every headphone user requires – premium sound quality. The creators didn’t forget about Hi-Fi quality and have created their product with immersive 3D sound. This means sounds appear to come from outside of your head and let you experience an augmented acoustic reality. Besides this, the headphones contain active head-tracking which helps listeners perceive sound from an original, fixed point in space.

Vinci headphones

What else distinguishes this device from the pack? Vinci also comprises of Smart Noise Cancellation and an Audio Transparency Mode. Smart Noise Cancelling includes the Active Noise Cancelling feature, which filters out background noise, such as the engine sound of an airplane or a train. Users can listen to music without distractions. Alongside this, Audio Transparency takes care of your safety. This mode allows you to hear important ambient noise around you, such as a car or bike horn.

Likewise, Vinci may look like just another pair of headphones, but it acts more like a computer. This product has a local storage of 16GB (or 32GB – Vinci Pro) and a large battery of 1500mAh, which allows for 15 hours of continuous music playback and wireless charging (1.5 hours). The device has its own operating system, built on the Android platform.

Besides this, the device is equipped with 3G and Wi-Fi, as well as smart 4.0 Bluetooth connectivity, which brings you a continuous 50 hours of quality sound playback. Vinci includes an accelerometer, gyrometer, proximity sensor, optical heart rate sensor, GPS, and compass to deliver impressive personalization.

Finally, there is the real icing on the cake – a stunning design. Vinci has a comfortable and ergonomic shape. The product comes in four colors: silver, white, black, and red. If that wasn’t enough, you can further personalize your headphones. Add astonishing stickers, customize your visualizer display or even write self-expressive content.

vinci headphones

It seems to be a revolutionary change for the headphones industry. If you are ready to upgrade your sound to a higher level, you have to support Vinci on Kickstarter. Inspero Inc. has prepared two versions: Vinci (an early bird copy available for $99) and Vinci Pro (an early bird copy available for $149). All signs indicate that company will reach a great success. So far, Vinci has gained 654% of the original goal.


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