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Here comes the solution for all pie aficionados and baking enthusiasts. Michelle Kresser, an entrepreneur from San Francisco, has come up with the idea to create Pie Turtle – the first non-slide pie carrier for your car. There’s nothing worse than putting hours of time and effort into baking a pie, complete with a perfect golden crust, only to have it get destroyed in your car on the way to your party. This new device helps you avoid an annoying situation like that. Let’s see how this tool differs from other pie carriers?

The secret lies in… a turtle. Cleats on the bottom of the turtle keep your Pie Turtle exactly where you put it, while the pie rests safely on the turtle’s back. Your baked goods won’t fly anymore thanks to non-slip cleats which grip the carpet in your car. Cutouts on the side also allow you to easily remove your pie. Pie Turtle is also equipped with supporting grips which help your pie survive any sharp turns. Last, but not least, this pie carrier fits any round pie dish or cake pan up to 10” (around 25 cm) wide. The carrier even fits thicker ceramic pie dishes.

*Pie Turtle functional prototype pictured

Pie Turtle is extremely easy to use. Inserts on the side of the Pie Turtle quickly allow you to grab your pie without damaging the crust. This device is created for any car, whether it’s in the trunk of your car or the back of your SUV/truck. With flexible feet, Pie Turtle also easily fits in the footwell of your vehicle. The designers have made the effort to combine the functionality with safety. Pie Turtle completely eliminates your pie transporting problems. Your kids are going to love this product. Besides an adorable design, Pie Turtle is durable and dishwasher safe. Pie Turtle will be made from a food grade soft plastic, so you won’t get burned carrying your hot pie dish.

pie turtle

Pie Turtle was the result of many years of broken pie crusts and fights over “crazy driving” on the way to Thanksgiving dinner. Every year, Michelle would watch her mother-in-law bake a beautiful pumpkin pie, then their family would pile into their SUV to head to a friend’s house. Michelle explains the typical scenario, “Without fail, every year, as we took the first left turn the pie would go flying across the back of the SUV, and we would hear my mother-in-law shout at her husband, ‘Michael, slow down!'” Thinking Michelle could help solve their pie problem, she began to look for a Christmas present for her in-laws. She discovered there was no such thing as a non-slide pie carrier designed for your car or SUV. So, just like that, Pie Turtle was born!

pie turtle prototype

The team put a lot of effort into creating the best pie carrier ever. They are currently in the 4th prototype phase for their product. After slimming down the turtle, re-designing the external supports and changing the color, they’ve finally got a perfect version of Pie Turtle. The next step is making their mold so they can deliver Pie Turtle to their customers and save more pies.

test pie turtle

Supporters of the project get charged at the end of the campaign and, even then, only if they reach their goal. Michelle says, “It’s an all or nothing deal – we must reach 100% of our Kickstarter goal or we’ll have to go back to the drawing board to develop a new way to raise funds. We already have a manufacturer and timeline for delivery in place; now we just need the support of the baking community.”  Currently, creators are still active with their Kickstarter campaign. Get your pie to the party in one piece and help bring Pie Turtle to life by pre-ordering your Pie Turtle on Kickstarter today. There is no pie to lose!

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