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Today, all of us have the opportunity to do some shopping, or any other trading transaction, without going out of bed. Owing to the internet, shopping is now easier than it has ever been before. We don’t have to dress up or rush to be on time for the opening of the shopping mall – to avoid crowded shops – to find things that we desire. E-Commerce gives us an opportunity to shop all over the world, without even leaving home!

What is E-Commerce?

By its definition, it’s a way of purchasing and selling products via possibilities given on the Internet, through electronic devices. The most popular means of e-commerce are online stores, where there is a transaction between purchaser and seller, which doesn’t go beyond the scope of the Internet. What the buyer can do in person, however, is pick up the awaiting goods and finish the transaction, if he or she wishes to pay the money personally.
When it comes to sellers and investors, e-commerce gives them almost unlimited possibilities to spread out their products and services all over the world. Due to e-commerce, there are no geographical limits of purchasing and selling goods or services, which makes shopping easier than ever before.

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Pros and Cons of E- Commerce


Nowadays, when the Internet is simply accessible almost everywhere, the sky is the limit. Via means of e-commerce, consumers can easily compare thousands of services from online stores – especially those that supply the highest range of products – from all over the world, all without going out and splitting off from their domestic day. This method of getting new products is reducing costs, for both purchasers and suppliers, and the more straightforward a particular process is, the more feasible it is to finish the transaction successfully.
The simple secret to saving money, via purchasing through e-commerce, is that the shorter the chain of buying is, the lower the prices are. Shortening the acquisition chain enables suppliers to offer products and services directly. It is also more likely that these, personalized services will suit a buyer’s preferences. The direct contact, thanks to being closer to purchasers, helps companies find out their client’s needs and expectations. Furthermore, it allows producers to improve the quality of their products and services. Last but not least, something that is highly important from the viewpoint of a purchaser, online stores are open 24 hours a day, just in case someone is in need when the shops are closed!

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Of course, there are some disadvantages of e-commerce. First of all, when it comes to legislation, there is none which could regulate e-commerce, neither nationally nor internationally. It is also all based on information and communication technologies. While these usually work perfectly, sometimes those needing to make a purchase may lack internet access. Everyone knows someone who won’t buy anything before inspecting it with their own senses, such as touch and sight. E-commerce services don’t give a purchaser a possibility to try all the product out but, what is important, however, is that most of them allow customers to return unwanted stuff, or at least exchange it for another one.
Even though e-commerce may not seem attractive for everyone, it helps million of people to fulfill their needs when they don’t have enough time to break themselves away from everyday responsibilities. It is up to the consumer whether to choose the traditional means of shopping or the possibilities given by e-commerce. Anyway, you look at it, e-commerce helps to save both valuable time and money!


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