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In today’s age, women have become an important part of the tech sector. They have built incredible startups, apps, and products. Plenty of female startups founders are rising through the ranks of entrepreneurship at a rapid pace. Here are ten examples of successful women entrepreneurs. Warning! No doubts, those women inspire you to take an action!



Sols is a startup that 3D-prints custom orthopedic insoles founded by Kegan Schouwenburg. She came up with this idea by chance. One day, while working at a 3D printery called Shapeways, she was traversing the factory floor in platform boots. It led her to an idea – she wanted to improve posture and correct pronation by using shock-absorbent orthotic support. The only thing the customer has to do is provide three photos of their foot through the Sols app. Easy, quick and efficient!



Rachel Willmer is another successful female entrepreneur. She created Luzme in 2008 after she had bought an e-reader. While Willmer was trying to load books onto the handheld device, struggled with many problems. For example, some stores didn’t carry the right format for her e-reader, some were too expensive, and others wouldn’t sell her a book because she was in a different country. That’s when she invented Luzme – a useful and helpful application which lets the customers sign up for the books they want from specific stores, and are later emailed when the price drops on books they choose. Luzme hasn’t raised any funding money yet.



Meredith Perry had a bad experience with a dead laptop and no charger during college. That motivated her to find a solution to the most annoying aspect of mobile devices – their chargers. Perry created uBeam which is a technology that uses ultrasound waves to charge devices wirelessly. This solution can be used for the so-called Internet of Things where every object is able to connect via the Internet.



Cynthia Shames hides behind the success of AbbeyPost. She created a helpful website called AbbeyPost which meets the demands of plus-sized women. Today, it’s hard to find clothes that fit just right. AbbeyPost’s software lets users pick the styles and the fabrics of clothing they want to wear, input their measurements, and build or find clothing that perfectly fits.



A good example of an application which combines passion and creativity is Hitlist developed by Gillian Morris. An app lets users build wish lists of places they want to travel. When there are fair deals for those locations, Hitlist will send them an alert and where they can buy cheap tickets. Hitlist is easy to use because the customers connect via Facebook. It allows them to see which places their friends are planning to visit. The main competitors of Hitlist are apps like Kayak and HotelTonight.



Evgeniya Usmanova, the co-founder of Carelulu, has created an online marketplace that lets parents find and compare qualified preschools and daycares for their children all on one platform. Parents can sort by budget, teaching philosophy, or specific services they need for their kids. All parents are going to love this a million dollar idea!

 Hello Alfred


Jessica Beck and Marcela Sapone built Hello Alfred to have more time for things they love to do. This app is for people who appreciate organization to daily life. With Hello Alfred, they aim to change the way people help each other and get things done. The service pairs busy individuals with organized, knowledgeable, and intuitive people who handle all of the life’s necessities such as groceries and dry cleaning to tailoring and sending packages. It is an automatic, hands-off service which helps people deal with everyday duties.


Jessica Richman is the co-founder and CEO of uBiome; a biotech startup focused on researching microorganisms that live inside the human body. Sounds mysterious but it actually allows you to discover your microbiome and improve your health. uBiome is an example of an auspicious crowdfunding campaign. During the IndieGogo campaign in 2013, the initiators raised $351,193 of its $100,000 goal. Richman is not only a successful entrepreneur but also a promising academic. uBiome is a fruitful combination of those two.



Another startup based on the daily needs of the user is Loverly. Kellee Khalil created Loverly in 2012 while she was working in the bridal industry and was helping her sister plan her wedding two years early. She experienced difficulty in planning. That inspired her to created website based on freemium business model. If brides, grooms, and enthusiasts are looking for wedding inspiration, they have to download this app. Here, they can discover wedding ideas, receive tips, purchase wedding products, evaluate who to hire for their weddings and share their findings.



The last but not least – Control founded by Kathryn Loewen. This is another useful tool for leading your enterprise. It helps businesses manage the payments they receive online from customers. Companies can manage multiple accounts with Control on different mobile devices on iOS or Android, or with the desktop web app.

Today, the market is full of the brave, smart, and creative female founders who invent great tools in all the industries. This list of successful women shows us that many of them found their niche and have spread their ingenuousness all over the world. Now the time has come for you! Fingers crossed!


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