Klickers: A Simple Way to Keep Your Laces Tied


    Do endlessly untied shoelaces drive you crazy? Is jogging, working out at the gym, skateboarding or even regular walking a nightmare for you? Are you looking for a smart solution? It seems that, now, you don’t have to worry anymore! A New York-based startup has come up with an excellent idea. They have designed the magnetic shoelace lock – Klickers. This simple gadget allows you to keep your laces tied, while never having to abandon the classic look of the shoelace.

    Klickers were born from the frustration of Kyu, the Founder at Posi. His son frequently had untied laces. At first, Kyu offered velcro. He would double knot his son’s shoes, but it was too difficult to untie. After much consideration to the problem, Kyu concluded the principle of the bow tie and its grip were primarily due to friction: applying more pressure on the knot should increase its strength.

    After these improvements, Kyu’s idea soon proved a simple solution for children, yet also useful for active adults. Focusing on ergonomics and a good overall design, he found that Klickers were both practical and visually appealing, as well. The good news is that this gadget can be yours. Currently, Kye and his company are raising funds for its product on Kickstarter.

    the klickers

    This product was tested over months by runners, children and other active people. They confirmed that Klickers keep their laces tied and allow them to feel comfortable during their daily activities. In other words, satisfaction guaranteed!

    Besides this, Klickers are incredibly easy to use. Just slide them on – no more steps required! Its elastic dome grips and holds the knot of the shoelace to prevent untying. Klickers locks themselves using rare-earth magnets and apply pressure, preventing the laces from coming undone.

    the klickers

    This device suits any shoes and any occasion. You can also customize your Klickers. It is available in Neon-G, Hot-P or Black. Last, but not least, this product is ready to use the moment you take it out of the box. No additional installation or complicated instructions are needed!

    Thus, feel free to support Posi team. Early bird backers can grab a set of Klickers for $12, shipping included. When funded, Klickers will ship  too backer by the end of June. There is no time to lose! Don’t hesitate and pre-order one pair for yourself and one pair for your child!


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