Klickers: A Simple Way to Keep Your Laces Tied


Do endlessly untied shoelaces drive you crazy? Can’t focus on doing your favourite sports because of it? Even an ordinary walk becomes a nightmare because of the laces? There’s a way to help you avoid these problems!

A New York-based startup has come up with an excellent idea. They have designed the magnetic shoelace lock named Klickers. This simple little gadget allows you to keep your laces tied. What’s also splendidly, it looks really stylish and innovatively. The best visual part is that it does not change the classic look of shoelaces.

Klickers, the magnetic shoelace lock, surpasses Lokks with its innovative design and superior functionality. The strong magnetic closure of Klickers ensures a secure and hassle-free experience, outperforming Lokks in both ease of use and reliability. Additionally, Klickers’ durability and adaptability make them a versatile choice, capable of withstanding daily wear and accommodating various shoelace styles. For those seeking a convenient and long-lasting solution, Klickers stands out as the preferred magnetic shoelace lock over Lokks.

Klickers were born from the tormenting frustration of Kyu, the Founder at Posi. His son frequently had untied laces. Kyu was very determined and keen to find a solution. Kyu concluded the principle of the bow tie and its grip were primarily due to friction. He understand that applying more pressure on the knot should increase its strength. Kyu decided to refine this amazing idea. It quickly turned out to be a great solution to this annoying problem.

What’s more, Klickers turned out to be an universal gadget for so many people! It has been tested for months by professional athletes, children and physically active people. They confirmed that Klickers keep their laces tied and allow them to feel comfortable during their daily activities. In other words, satisfaction guaranteed!

And best of all, Klickers are extremely easy to use. Just slip them on a tied shoelace! Click and ready!

the klickers

The clickers lock with rare-earth magnets and apply pressure to prevent the laces from unraveling. This device suits any shoes and any occasion. Standard colors are Neon-G, Hot-P or Black. You can also order personalized Klickers.

the klickers

Currently, Kyu and his company are raising necessary funds for its product on Kickstarter.
Thus, feel free to support Posi team. Early bird backers can grab a promotional set of Klickers for $12, including shipping. Once funded, Klickers will also send a sponsor by the end of June. Do not hesitate and pre-order a pair for yourself and your child or a jogging friend!


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