food gousto service

Gousto, the U.K service which provides its customers with recipe cards and quality pre-portioned ingredients, has just raised an impressive amount of £10M in funding. This is good news for the startup, as well as for the service’s users, who may expect some improvements when it comes to recipe choice and a continuation of the waste-reduction project – which is also part of Goustos’ mission.

How does it work? It’s simple; you just chose from 12 recipes each week and the recipe card, as well as already portioned and fresh food, is delivered to your home. Now, you can have fun with cooking without caring about any shopping lists, forgetting to buy a crucial ingredient or accidentally buying too much food, resulting in leftovers which you won’t manage to eat before the expiration date. All in all, it saves you time and money, as well as reducing food waste.

Thanks to its forecasting models Gousto claims to have less than 1 per cent food waste, which is an impressive result comparing to the supermarkets 20 per cent. They also use the data they collect about the customers to optimize the menus, so they fit the preferences of the users better and better in time.

While some of us are passionate about cooking and have a new idea for a meal each day, the majority of society hates spending time in supermarkets, where they get frustrated because they don’t really know what to buy. Gousto gives you a ready answer for the familiar question of “what’s for dinner?” and provides you with everything you need to cook it. Definitely worth trying!


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