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Weengs is a new Startup from the U.K which offers a shipping service for small retailers and online sellers. Their idea appears to be something new and needed on the market. Thanks to this, they have just raised £2.2 Million from backers such as LocalGlobe, Cherry Ventures, and Seedcamp.

The idea is to take all the packing and shipping connected tasks off the sellers’ shoulders. No longer do they have to struggle with packaging or queues at the post office. If they use Weengs app, somebody does it for them.

How does it work? You simply take a picture of the things you want to send, add the address and request a pick up. A so-called “Angel” from Weengs soon arrives at your place – within just one hour – and picks up the items. In the startups’ warehouse, all the stuff is carefully and professionally packed. Then, the package is shipped via DHL, Royal Mail or DPD, which are all partners with Weengs. Due to this partnership, the startup gets competitive shipping prices and the company further chooses the best option for each client, so they don’t have to worry the finances anymore.

weengs website

Pickups on demand cost just £5 and you don’t have to pay anything more for packing. For the sellers who ship more than 20 times a month, there is also a free scheduled pick up option. Currently, the Weengs only works in London but, with the new financing, they are likely to expand the service to other cities not only in U.K, but also in other cities around Europe.


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