apps for valentine's heart

Valentine’s Day seems to be the most romantic day of the whole year but everyone likes to spend it differently. If you care about your other half, you have to remember that from hate to love so easy way, so better use these apps!

Live Nation

apps for valentine's day concert

Are you the kind of person who loves music and considers a concert hall as the best place to feel the romantic spirit? Live Nation may just be for you! It offers users pre-sales of tickets that they can access without a password. Worries and nightmares about lost chances to see your idols can be left behind because, with this device, you won’t miss any opportunity to buy a ticket and, together with your love, you can have the best time in your lives.

Searching through different websites and looking for information about where and when your favorite band is playing is a thing of the past. This application gives its users alerts about all of the details – which makes it easier to decide whether you can make it or not. In a case when the user knows that the date and time are perfect, he can be sure that tickets will be still available because Live Notion sends information as fast as it appears on the internet.

The possibility of having all your concert tickets on a smartphone seems to be another Live Nation’s facility. Having all your creased cards with you isn’t convenient – that’s why the application’s founders make it possible to experience the event itself, without taking care of the organizational matters.


apps for valentine's day cocktail

Wine is considered to be a drink which keeps the romantic spirits high during Valentine’s dinner. For some people, cocktails and going out for a drink may promise the best date ever. Drizly may help in purchasing the best wine bouquet or any other liquors.
Looking for a local liquor store late at night, wandering around to no effect, sounds like a thing of the past. Drizly gives you an opportunity to browse the best of the best alcohols – once you decide what you’re up to, you can simply wait on your couch for the delivery.

What is important – and need to be highlighted – is the fact that prices here are the same as in any other liquor store, so the prices stay competitive. Why not stay home and wait for the delivery?For those who like to be prepared earlier, there’s an option to schedule the delivery at the precise moment, anyways. No matter how you like to organize your time, with this app, you know that deliveries are quick and on time.

For those who like to be prepared earlier, there’s an option to schedule the delivery at the precise moment, anyways. No matter how you like to organize your time, with this app, you know that deliveries are quick and on time.

apps for valentine's flowers

Everyone knows that flowers are – next to diamonds – a girl’s best friends. Someone who knew this the most was Jim Mc Conn, the founder and CEO at the In 1976, he opened his first retail florist shop and forever changed the way people purchase flowers for their loved ones. Can you imagine Valentine’s Day without a bunch of fresh flowers? Prick up your ears and listen to the advantages of the 1-800-Flowers app.

Using the app allows you to browse an almost limitless amount of flower arrangements and, after picking the best bouquet, you can order it easily. Once you’ve found and ordered beautiful flowers for the one you love, they’ll be quickly delivered wherever you want, even internationally! If you’re afraid about the freshness and the time of delivery, well – with 1-800 Flowers – you shouldn’t be! They’ve got partners all over the world who are local florists and flower growers – that’s why their bouquets are always fresh and on time!

If you are a tech-savvy shopper, you’ll love the app for sure. It gives its users a possibility of sending orders to contacts from the address book as well as using mobile payments/wallets. The interface is easy to use and it is also possible to set reminders, so you don’t forget about Valentine’s Day or an anniversary.
What if your love doesn’t like flowers? No problem! The 1-800 Flowers app enables to not only order flowers, but also delicious chocolates and other tasty sweets.

Everyone likes to spend their time with significant others differently, that’s true, but combining these three apps while planning the best possible evening sounds great! You can look for your other half using dating sites, but these apps will lead you to a success!


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