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The world of IT is full of creative solutions. We have an opportunity to make phone calls with your fingertip or you can purchase headphones with artificial intelligence; now it’s time for teenage girls who can learn how to code through having fun.

The Friendship Bracelets

The friendship bracelets have changed over the years; most often, they are associated with a small piece of ribbon, crochet, or knitted handmade band wrapped around a wrist that becomes a symbol of the long-lasting, unique, and important relationship, especially between girls. Jewelbots offers a modern friendship bracelet that combines the aspect of having something emotional in its nature with the educational value. The company offers a friendship bracelet that aims at teaching young girls how to code and promote the IT world; one that’s easily accessible for almost everyone.


First Coding Experience Through Friendship

The bracelet is just one piece of a puzzle; the second is the smartphone app which supports the most important features of the band. As a matter of fact, coding is the most important one, and is the heart of the Jewelbots; therefore, Arduino Software (IDE) is used with the device and it should be installed on a computer. Thanks to it, it is possible to get a whole spectrum of the advantages: there are the Instagram notifications, there is a function of detection of nearby friends, the weather updates, the parental notifications, sending secret messages, and other. Jewelbots is 100% safe because it doesn’t store any personal data and doesn’t contain GPS to track a child; the bot connects through Bluetooth, so the internet connection isn’t required. The company offers a wide range of tutorials to teach programming step-by-step and to customize the bracelet to their personal preferences. Below, you can see how quickly you can change the colors of led on the main charm.

Jewelbots how to code a bracelet
A fragment of Jewelbots tutorial how to code colors on a bracelet

The Functional Aspects of Jewelbots

It is possible to change the bands and charms of the bracelet to match one’s personal style. The most crucial feature, however, is the possibility to promote the world of IT among young girls and, probably, giving them their first chance to code. It may be an outstanding gateway for further success in IT, because the software allows the user to learn the core principles of programming.

Jewelbots startup manual

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