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We lead increasingly high-paced lives. As we rush through our busy days, finding the time to prepare and consume a healthy meal might not always be on the list of priorities. Yet it should be. No matter how busy you are, there is always a way to tweak your schedule so as to enjoy good, nutritious food. Luckily, that’s exactly the sole focus of many startups. Here are six healthy diet startups that caught our attention recently. 

Gousto (UK)

We first featured Gousto when they hit £10 million in their crowdfunding campaign back in November. By now they have made over 1 million deliveries. And what is it that they deliver? Each week Gousto releases a set of 12 recipes to choose from. Apart from the recipe card, their package contains all the ingredients necessary to prepare the meal in just the right quantities. All that’s left for you is the fun part – cooking.

Cookoo (London)

Cookoo came to be out of the longing for the ‘home-cooked feeling’ that is missing in traditional takeaway food. Unlike most of the food-delivery companies, this London-based startup connects busy Londoners not with restaurants, but with independent cooks and delivers home-cooked meals to homes and offices.

Life Box (UK)

Operating on a subscription model, Life Box provides its customers with packages of carefully selected, healthy foods. They’re constantly sourcing new products, tastes, and partners. With each box come recipe cards with ideas on how to incorporate the included items into your personal cuisine. There are five sets to choose from: Everyday, Cleanse, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Vegan, and Junior, so everyone can easily find something that suits them best.


Hello Fresh (USA)

Hello Fresh is the American equivalent of Gousto. They release easy to follow, chef-curated recipes on the weekly basis that come together with a box of seasonal, farm-sourced ingredients. Their flexible subscription offers three plans: Veggie, Family, and Classic. All you need to prepare a wholesome, delicious meal is delivered right to your doorstep.

HealthyOut (USA)

HealthyOut is a mobile app that helps you eat out healthy. With a database of over 500 cities, this app helps you find places in your area that serve food compatible with your diet, nutrition plan or training routine. It’s able to filter the available offer by dietary restrictions, popular diets, cuisines, dish types, and more.

Soylent (USA & Canada)

Soylent is a totally different deal. Their product has a somewhat futuristic feel to it. They make algae-based foods that contain all the vital nutrients your body needs to thrive. There are plain drinks, breakfast & coffee ‘shakes’, powders, and bars. There’s a higher goal to the entire enterprise, too. As they state on their website:

“Our mission is to expand access to quality nutrition through food system innovation. We strive to create a world where access to affordable, complete nutrition – one of the most basic human needs – is no longer a challenge, but a means of empowerment. To help achieve this vision, we are proud to support World Food Program USA in their work to help make hunger history.”

As such, Soylent provides not only an innovative solution to go with a healthy diet, but also a chance to contribute to building a better future for all.

Since the industry is growing very vigorously worldwide, these are just a few from a multitude of healthy diet-oriented startups. If you’re interested in discovering some innovative culinary companies, check out the list of nutrition startups on AngelList. Perhaps there’s one in your location!


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