AgriWebb farmer

This year’s iAwards “Startup of the Year” title was taken by AgriWebb – a new management tool designed for livestock producers, allowing them to run their business easier and faster than ever before.

A startup from Melbourne, AgriWebb provides farmers with the application called AgriWebb NoteBook. With its help, farmers are able to collect all the necessary data in real time, even offline, and assemble it with full transparency. Not only can they be more focused on their company now, but they can also analyze the most relevant information to keep all the changes in livestock under control. The usefulness and user-friendliness of AgriWebb application made it a natural choice for iAwards.

iAwards is a technology award platform which grants awards to inventors for creating products with a potential to make a good change, on either local or global level. The list of projects that received the prize last year includes Scancam by Scancam Industries, Aquaria by CSIRO & Garvan Institute and Sonny by Curve Tomorrow & Murdoch Childrens Research Institute (VIC). Find out more about them on the iAwards official website.



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