food vizeat

VizEat – the largest food experience platform in Europe, calling itself a “European leader of social dining” – has just gathered a huge amount of funding: almost 4 million euros. This was possible thanks to prevalent sponsor Eurovestech and other, mostly unnamed investors. The French startup was founded in 2014. Now, the platform has over 120,000 members in 110 countries, providing website and apps in English, French, Italian, Spanish and German.

In its idea, VisEat may resemble Airbnb but, instead of offering accommodation, it allows hosts to invite strangers for dinner, food tours or cooking classes. The philosophy is to connect travellers and hosts from the whole world, letting them share not only food, but also culture, stories, and experiences.

This amazing startup combines food and tourism in a perfect way, giving travellers the opportunity to have an ultimate food experience and hosts to share their knowledge about local cuisine. Let us just say: the success of such a great idea should not be a surprise to anybody!



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