snapchat glasses spectacles

Smart sunglasses called Spectacles are a new hardware product just announced by Snapchat. The glasses will be able to record 10-second video snippets and store them locally before they are transferred to your phone via Wi-Fi or a Bluetooth connection.

The camera has an 115-degree lens, which is approximately equal to the human field of vision. Thanks to this, the memories will be recorded in the same way we see them with our natural point of view. In the end, we can watch the videos saved in Snapchat Memories and feel like we really are “there” again.

Spectacles are expected to be available soon, “this fall,” says the company, in a limited number. They are going to cost $130 and have only one size, but customers will be able to choose between three colors: black, coral and teal.

Snapchat also thought about the battery life. The products will come with a dedicated charging case and cable. A fully charged case can charge the glasses up to four times, so we will never miss a memory due to the lack of electricity access.

All in all, this product reminds us of the famous Google Glasses, yet it is over ten times cheaper than their precursor and seems to be more of a fashion gadget, giving all those GoPro maniacs a new field for self-expression. This new way of capturing moments just by tapping the corner of sunglasses might bring the memory-making process to another level. We are very excited about this product and can’t wait for the Spectacles to be released!


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