Zomato is a platform that gathers information about restaurants, giving it’s users access to current menus, photos, locations, and opinions/reviews of the food places in their area. Launched in 2008, the startup is now available in 23 countries and collects information about restaurants in more than 10,000 cities.

Currently, the search service has acquired Indian company Sparse Labs, which analyzes and manages deliveries. Their product includes a clean web dashboard, rich APIs, out-of-the-box driver apps, customer notifications, accurate ETAs and a map that lets recipients track their orders in real-time. 

This collaboration will not only enable the clients of Zomato to check the status of their order but also make the whole delivery process more efficient. Restaurants will be able to use the nearest driver, which saves both delivery time and transportation costs. Sparse Labs also offers GPS trackers which can be fitted to bikes. This means restaurants and clients will always see the drivers’ location no matter if their phone is switched on.

Sparse Labs, rebranded as Zomato Trace, is going to be available to restaurants soon. It sounds like a big improvement for all the impatient, hungry clients out there, as well as the restaurants which are likely to upgrade their service by reducing time and delivery costs.


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