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Vinci headphones

What Does Da Vinci Have in Common With AI?

What does Vinci have in common with Artificial Intelligence? Apparently, more than you could imagine. Founded in September 2014, San Francisco's Inspero Inc. has invited smart headphones "that understand you", calling them Vinci after a...
TMA-2 Modular Headphone System

Personalize Your Sound with TMA-2

Get ready for a significant technology breakthrough. The Danish company AIAIAI has just launched their wireless TMA-2 Modular Headphone System. It is a must-have product for alike professional musicians and regular customers. At first glance,...

What Do Selfie and Drone Have in Common?

Time for perfect selfie!

Muzo Minimalises Noises Around You

Muzo creates the silence zone.

This Screen Has a Lot in Common With Umbrella

This screen makes your life much easier.

Say Goodbye to Boring Plank Exercises

Since now, no excuses!
wazer waterjetvideo

This Waterjet Achieves Detail Impossible by Hand

Check out what this device can do!

What Do LED Lamps and Wi-Fi Have in Common?

Are you sick and tired of unstable Wi-Fi? It seems like you don't have to worry anymore because, Knbor Technology Co., a Hong Kong-based tech company, found a smart solution for...