Robotic PLEN Cube Will Become Your Best Companion


Nowadays, High Technology, AI and the IoT run the world. Some robots weed your garden, make pizza or delivery food under your door, whiles other are even able to become your best daily life companion. How is this possible? The answer lies with PLENGoer Robotics, a Japanese-based startup. They have designed a new robotic portable personal assistant, aptly named the PLEN Cube. They believe “that the arrival of disruptive technologies including hands-free voice control, computer vision, and the Internet of Things will change people’s lives for the better. Until now, most innovation with this technology has been limited to the home. What if you could access some of the latest in smart robotics technology wherever you go, in or out of the house?” – they ask with curiosity.

No doubts, PLEN Cube gives people this opportunity. This small device works like magic. A portable robot can consolidate your devices and web services, making them simpler to use and automate. Besides, it captures moments with a smart camera that tracks your face and motions, while also complementing your life with hands-free activation and customization options. Furthermore, the robot informs you about the weather, notifications or reminders, shares your photos and videos, and even enables you to listen to music.

PLENGoer Robotics put in a great deal of effort to made its product. They’ve already gained some priceless experience during work for their first Kickstarter’s project PLEN2 – the world’s first printable open-source humanoid. Now they have enriched the PLEN Cube with a powerful processor, full-HD camera, display, microphone array and speakers, along with cutting-edge software for both facial and speech recognition.

PLEN Cube has access to a database of thousands of IR home appliances and many wireless smart home devices. All you have to do is tell it the make and model, and you can control your gadgets with simple voice or gesture commands. The gadget has multiple modes including the ability to play music, control home devices, and display information. It can also be understood immediately, through the use of body language and audiovisual cues.

This small robot is simply adorable. It has plenty of charm and personality. The additional advantage is its minimalist design and perfectly balanced colors. It will face you when you speak, give a little shake when it wakes up and sleeps, nods its head as it ponders and even dances to your music! You just cannot love it!

Currently, PLENGoer Robotics is crowdfunding their product on Kickstarter. Even though they launched their gadget a few days ago, and they’ve already reached their goal. You can join the group of supporters and pre-order an early bird of PLEN Cube for $299. Don’t hesitate, as this cool robot is limited in numbers!


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