Are robots taking over the world? Indeed, but you have complete control over them. How is it possible? It’s all thanks to CellRobot – the first complete consumer robotics kit that allows you to build your very own robot. Created by a team of Ivy-league Chinese robotics engineers, CellRobot is bringing accessible robotics to everybody. It is the most advanced custom modular robot controlled directly from a smartphone.

Modular robotics is one of the most complex areas of robotics, because each added element allows new movements and functionality. CellRobot has developed geometric imagination and provides great fun for both children and adults. Users control the design and the movement of the robot. Just as the cells in our bodies work together to create an organism, CellRobot is made up of single cells that, when combined, build functioning robots.

Everything sounds great, but how does CellRobot work? In short, it consists of several main components: heart, cell, vision, wheel, and mount. The heart controls all of the robot’s operations and connects to a smartphone, or tablet, through Bluetooth. Modular cells are attached to the heart, as well as each other, via joint connectors on their surfaces.

These cells create the robot’s design and shape. They are equipped with a servo rotation system with two hemispheres, allowing cells a 360-degree arc of rotation. Each cell also has a wide angle lens camera, which sends pictures and videos directly to a smartphone. Wheels give the robot mobility, and the mount fixes the robot to any surface. Each cell has eight joint faces, which can be connected to each other through a simple twist movement. The joints snap together to form a secure attachment.


You can also use CellRobot’s app compatible with IOS and Android. This app has an extensive pre-uploaded shape library. The app detects your robot and tells you which cells to attach to which joints. This can be refreshed to get helpful feedback about module positioning and placement. After this, you can control your robot with preprogrammed movements. Furthermore, CellRobot allows you to create complex cinematic & combinatory movement through the manipulation of each single cell – all achieved through your smartphone.

It isn’t over! CellRobot has plenty of practical uses. First of all, this device allows you to monitor every room while you’re away. Secondly, you can play with your pets and take photos from their level. Thirdly, CellRobot can be your personal assistance. Set your robot to water your garden, create a perfect reading lamp, fan you when you’re hot or hold your iPad or phone while you are working.

CellRobot’s creators offer you six kind of packages: the Basic Package, Robot Arm Package, Swift Package, Animal Package, Speed Package, and Mega Package. They differ in the number of components. You can easily choose something that’s right for you. All units connect through a simple but secure twist & snap joint. Because it is so easy to get started, anybody can use CellRobot to create their own high-functioning robot. Now, the creators are trying to launch the project and they are looking for financial support on Kickstarter. So, if you like it, you can help them but hurry up. The robots still cannot do it for you!


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