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The social media influencer startup, Tribe, has just raised $5.35 million in funding, with the intention to expand from Australia to the global market. This Startup, launched not even 12 months ago, already has a strong position on the market and has big potential, as it is growing 20 percent every month. Now, the platform has about 4,500 influencers and 500 brands (including Adidas, Disney, and American Express) using it.

How does it work? Social influencers are people with at least 3,000 followers on either Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Before Tribe, they posted pictures wearing their favorite glasses or pair of sneakers with a famous logo without any profit, even though it was a great promotion for the brand. Now, the startup gives both influencers and companies a tool to connect and create a new type of marketing.

Tribes’ uniqueness defines the fact that influencers are usually the real users of the brands’ product and that’s what makes the campaigns more credible, guaranteeing a better effect than traditional advertisements, which might sometimes seem factitious.

The Australian startup is now going to spread the product globally. Anthony Svirskis, CEO of Tribe, claims that, during the next year, the startup is going to be active on two or even three international markets.


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