LEAF & CLAY is all about doing good when doing business

The thing with succulents: these plants are so tough. Like, real tough. Leave one alone for an entire winter, leave it for two, three even – it will make it safe and sound, alive and well, unharmed and waiting. All of this to make You wonder: “Did it miss me? Did it miss me at all, this plant of mine?”

Well then. If it’s not for the character, it has to be the looks, right? Right.

To make these beautiful plants look even better, the Californian sibling duo, Nick and Lauren Sandford, started up LEAF & CLAY. Their product: original, handcrafted succulent pots, each “handmade from the scratch” with unique materials found in the rich Indonesian volcanic soil, each coming with an additional plant of choice – a succulent or a cactus – included as a token of appreciation and gratitude for all the support LEAF & CLAY has received so far.

But it’s not all about the succulents: it’s also about the artisans themselves. Another Nick & Lauren’s goal – the more important, far-reaching one – is to provide local Indonesian artisans with much needed full-time jobs. A noble ideal indeed, an ideal worth the effort. So far so good: five talented individuals have found their place in LEAF & CLAY.

The LEAF & CLAY artisans

We keep our fingers crossed for Nick & Lauren! Their Kickstarter Project has already gathered quite an interest, earning them $30,000+ worth of pledges, $20,000+ more than their intended minimum funding goal of $10,000. And – with more than 24 hours still to go – it’s about to get them even more.

A product of greater skill and care, LEAF & CLAY pots, available in various shapes and patterns, are sure to spike up Your cactus. A bit.

LEAF & CLAY's pots are handmade from scratch


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