The Italian startup D-EYE developed an eye-diagnostic system that combines an iPhone with an attachable lens. It captures high-resolution images and videos of the eye’s interior. They hope this will improve the access to health diagnostic services.

What D-EYE Can Do

The D-EYE lens uses the aperture and the LED light from the smartphone to magnify the eye’s image. It connects to a specially design bumper casing. The doctor takes the pictures and videos through a dedicated app and transmits them to the company’s cloud system for further assessment. The setup is capable of detecting diseases such as glaucoma, optic disorders, diabetic retinopathy, neuritis, blood vessel abnormalities, and more. The information is then stored in a built-in patient file, easily accessible and shareable whenever necessary. There’s even a version of the device for examining animal eyes.

Patient-Friendly Eye Exam

There are several advantages of D-EYE over traditional solutions. First of all, it costs thousands of dollars less than BIO scopes and lamps. Second, it’s small, handy, and portable. It doesn’t require any external energy source. Third, and possibly the most important, it’s non-invasive. There are few things more terrifying than having someone physically meddle with your eyes and patients are sure to appreciate D-EYE’s solution. Children especially could benefit from this as they’re used to playing with smartphones, so D-EYE’s format must seem more friendly and approachable than traditional machines. It doesn’t require the application of dilation drops before the test as it works both on dilated and non-dilated pupils. Furthermore, thanks to its portability, the exam can take place at the patient’s bedside, in emergency rooms or in remote, difficult to access locations.

The device is currently compatible with iPhone 5/5S/6/6s and iPhone 6 Plus/6s Plus. It costs 395.00€ and the casing is extra 99.00€ regardless of the iPhone model. You can see it in action in the video below:


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