Little Dragon

The Hong-Kong based startup Artha Ltd. is developing a personalized learning app for children. It’s called Little Dragon and holds great promise for the future of learning. They recently started their campaign on Indiegogo. Here’s a closer look at the project.

Emotional Learning With Little Dragon

Little Dragon combines face tracking, machine learning, and emotional awareness to map the child’s learning patterns and emotional engagement. By following learners’ moods, the app is able to adjust the content accordingly. For example, when the kid starts to get bored, Little Dragon picks up the cue and loads a more challenging activity. It knows which one should work from the previous interactions. The more the child uses Little Dragon, the more the app learns about its user. A relationship between the machine and the learner leads to a more personalized knowledge acquisition process. It’s a brilliant example of AI and human interaction leading to improved learning experiences.

Little Dragon GIF

Lovable Character

Although the app works well enough on its own, the tests show that children love to interact with Little Dragon when it’s inside a puppet casing/backpack/iPad stand. That way they can give their tutor a hug whenever they want to. What’s more, part of the package is a Tamagotchi-like mini-game which lets kids play with their learning buddy by exchanging facial expressions. They can also explore everyday situations together and learn about emotions they evoke, while English Reading Games introduce the children to the world of English through a set entertaining games.

The Future Of Learning

Once deployed on a commercial scale, Little Dragon will provide an unprecedented amount of data about individual learning patterns. These insights could have an immense impact on the future of education. As Artha’s app is open to third-party developers, its potential uses know no limit but the human imagination.


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