BE Headwear’s team have designed BE-Bops – Bluetooth earbuds. If you think: “What’s new about it?” you definitely have to read on! BE-Bops are 100% wire free with exceptional sound and comfort. They allow you to listen to music, talk on the phone and get directions from SIRI whenever you need. BE-Bops fulfill the expectations and demands of customers. Everyone who is sick and tired of cables will appreciate this product.

The inventor prepared a complex package for users. It contains a set of earbuds – two BE-Bops earbuds and a charging vessel, which can recharge the BE-Bops an additional 3 to 4 times. BE Headwear have also added Fit Tech Tips in small, medium, and large sizes and Fit Tech Ear Foil, which won’t fall out of your ear, even under the most extreme conditions. Clients also get a micro-USB cable for recharging the charging vessel.

Due to the minimalistic design of BE-Bops, you can use this device even for everyday wear. Moreover, these earbuds are very easy to use. To start, you simply hold down the button on the right earbud till it turns on. You have to repeat this for the left earbud, then wait a moment for the voice prompt. It informs you that the two earbuds have connected to each other. Then, turn on your Bluetooth in your device’s settings, and connect to the BE-Bops, which are now ready to use. The installation is done!

The reflectivity is another incredible feature of The BE-Bops. The earbuds are coated in a semi-reflective finish; this means that when light hits it, they reflect. You can feel safe not only during extreme activities but also in the dark. So, no matter what you are doing, thanks to BE-Bops, you can focus on what you love.


BE Headwear describes themselves as a team “made up of passionate designers, dreamers, and people just like you.” After two successful BE products, they are ready to launch their third project. Give these creative people a chance and support BE-Bops on Kickstarter!

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