facebook scrabble

It seems that Facebook still can’t accept the fact that Snapchat isn’t the part of the “family.” As a consolation, they have made a bid in an attempt to acquire Snow – the Korean version of Snapchat, currently worth $180 million. Unfortunately for Facebook, Snow, just like its “older brother” wasn’t interested in the offer.

Snow is receiving more and more attention since it already has 80 million downloads around Asia and the number grows rapidly from month to month. Apparently, Snapchat is not as popular in Asia as it is in the U.S. The app is taking great advantage of this fact, proving huge in Japan, Thailand, and Taiwan, with ambitions to broaden its appeal in other Asian countries.

Surprisingly, Snow isn’t a one-to-one copy of Snapchat. It has some different features and offers more customization than its predecessor. It also works with Japanese and Korean celebrities, which also influences the user interest in the app.

The young app has big potential and for now, Facebook needs to calm down with the Snapchat mania and content itself with their Instagram Stories, as well as the Messenger Day currently being tested in Poland.


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