musician banjo encore

The new U.K startup Encore lets its users book musicians or bands for their event online. This means you can now omit the time-consuming process of searching for a perfect artist, setting dates and determining the budget.

How does it work? You just go to the Encore website and choose who are you looking for and on which date you need them. Furthermore, you specify your requirements with additional information, such as what kind of event are you organizing, your budget and how much time you want the musicians to play. Easy huh? Now ,the only thing you need to do is wait for the musicians to send you their offers with tailored quotes.

Users can check a musicians’ profile via Soundcloud and ask them some questions before making a decision about booking. The whole payment process occurs via Encore, which takes a 15% booking fee. It is not a large cut comparing it to standard agencies.

Encore is likely to make life easier for anybody organizing events. It has already gained quite a lot of attention, with over 18,000 musicians currently using it. Lately, the startup raised an impressive amount of £560,000 in seed funding. With nothing similar available on the market, the big success of this idea is just a matter of time.


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