GoPowerUp is an environmentally friendly solar charging phone case that protects both a phone and the planet. Now it seems that far mountain trips are no longer problematic. When we are in the middle of nowhere with GoPowerUp, we will able to inform the world where we are. But designer Gunnar Nygren and producer Alexander Guyard did not create this tool for mountain climbers.

They came up with the idea because of the successful app, Pokemon Go. The game had one annoying limitation – the phone battery drainage. Despite a few attempts, no one could reach a satisfactory solution. GoPowerUp meets user expectations. The solar powered device combines a highly useful charger with a well-designed phone cover.


How does it work? The idea is simple; converting the sun’s energy to chemical energy that will keep your phone charged. Of course, it is far more complicated than just attaching a solar panel to a phone and calling it a sustainable power source.

Users always have to take into account crucial parameters: size, output, efficiency, and price. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that the team finds the best combination of components to make an effective product. It ‘s hard to create models for each of the different phones available, especially without funding.


Consequently, they are planning to start by making cases for the iPhone 6 and 6S models first. Their goal is to branch into other smartphone models later on. The team is looking for funds on Kickstarter to get the product made and out on the market. Let’s support them and make our lives easier.


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