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Have You Heard About The New Hospitality Service? Gay Stay!

While it’s the middle of the summer, most of us can’t think about anything else but the long awaited vacation. There are many services which make it easier to arrange the best holidays wherever we like. It doesn’t matter where you come from and what are your preferences. The service I’m just about to introduce works quite similar to the ones you may already know. The difference is that this idea is noble and that it’s one of its kind!

Meet GayStay.

About GayStay

It’s a peer to peer online marketplace where people can list, browse, and book the accommodation. It’s a little bit different from Airbnb or, however, as GayStay is the platform that offers a welcoming and safe places to stay for LGBTQ community members. While using this platform, you can expect the brilliant atmosphere and the company of friendly hosts from a diverse range of lifestyles.


There is a lot of services helping to book and plan the best vacation, but the LGBTQ demographic still seems to be underserved. What’s more, there are many testimonies of people who were rejected due to their sexuality, race, and religion. GayStay marketplace proudly affirms that all individuals no matter where they come from or what are they preferences are welcome.

The founders want to create more than just a platform that makes it easier to plan your knock-off time. They want to create an environment where GayStay’s customers would feel like home and a part of the community.

The primary and the most important goal of the project was to create a platform where LGBTQ people can easily find an accommodation without fear of discrimination on any level.

When Does It Start?

Right now, the project is in beta testing, and founders predict it’s going to be launched to hosts in mid-August, and to guests in early-October.

Is There An Application?

GayStay’s team is planning to launch the application within a few months. It’ll be available for both the iOS and Android devices.

Where to Find Them?

Currently, the app is going to be launched in New York City and will expand to other national markets that are frequently visited and populated with LGBTQ people, such as San Francisco, Miami, Los Angeles, and Chicago. Founders admit that it is important to start with limited amounts of places to make their service the best of its kind and to help their guests and customers experience and collect only the most precious memories connected with the platform and its services.

Luckily, the US isn’t the only area where the GayStay services will be available. Founders plan to scale out to popular LGBTQ international destinations such as London, Paris, Berlin, and Buenos Aires.

There are no other platforms such as the GayStay. The idea is brilliant and can change the way how people from LGBTQ community spend their vacation. Everyone, no matter what he or she believes or what are their preferences, should have a right to choose and spend a dream vacation. GayStay is going to make it easier to find safe, friendly, and comfortable accommodation.

Emilia Pluta

Traveler, business psychology student, and analog photography enthusiast. Crazy about Southeast Asia and everything that comes from this part of the world, especially smiling people and food. Planning to go on a trip around the world in more than 80 days, to have enough time to feel the smells, tastes and talk to as many people as it’s possible. Dreaming of doing both – writing and lying under the palm tree in the future.

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