As it’s getting warmer and warmer day by day, the sun is shining brighter, and your dream vacation is just around the corner, it’s high time to pack your bags and go to the airport. But wait a minute!

Is everything buttoned up? Or maybe you’re so tired of looking for the best travel agency that you’re close to giving up and spending your free time like a couch potato? Don’t be a loser, and don’t give up so easily. Make these startups plan your vacation, whenever you’re a veggie lover, a discerning traveler, a surfer or anyone who loves the nature! Give them a chance and go for it!

Vegvisits – Vegan/Vegetarian Vacation


Are you a vegan or vegetarian who’d like to cook a meal on their own to make it healthy wherever you go? Many vegans and vegetarians complain about the lack of spots where they can eat a healthy and vegan or vegetarian meal. Are you one of them? If the answer is yes go to Vegevisits and book the best vegan vacation of all times.

Getting started at Vegvisits is easy and free. You can simply sign up and get started! Choose from various options among which you’ll find the list of homes, vacation properties, rooms, and even kitchens on a per hour basis (an excellent option for travelers who value self-prepared meals and for those who are food allergic). If you want to share your vegan or vegetarian kitchen or home with friends with similar food preferences, go ahead! Visit, create your profile, earn additional money, and meet other fellow vegans and vegetarians!

Wimdu – Feels Like Home


The next project is devoted to those of you who hate staying in the hotel room. It’s understandable. Who can feel completely at ease and like home when everything all around is the same and people just flash by anonymously? Wouldn’t it be nice to spend the vacation in a cozy house or apartment? If you agree, Wimdu is just for you.

Wimdu is redefining the way you travel. This platform makes it easier to experience a location from the perspective of a local. It’s up to you where you want to go, where you want to stay, and how much to spend – Wimdu can help you to plan your dream getaway. You don’t have to log in – booking is quick and easy – type your destination, select the dates, and choose from one of over 150.000-holiday apartments available on the platform. Et voila! Choose an apartment, preview the photos – if the price, design, and location work for you, don’t hesitate and book! It only takes two minutes!


Pack Up + Go – Just Like That


Some people love to travel but hate planning it. Well, you can’t go anywhere without scheduling your tour earlier. But is it 100% right? Of course not! If you’re spontaneous and like to be surprised, Pack Up + Go is a solution for you. This travel agency will help you to embrace unknown if you just let them plan your three-day weekend. The only catch is that the destination is a surprise.

Visit PackUp + Go, sign up, give some information about you, your likes and dislikes, do’s and don’ts, and choose whether you’re a Multi Traveller or a Solo Traveller. Soon you’ll get an email with some brief information such as what to take and what to expect regarding the weather. The destination is still unknown. Just a few days before the departure you get an envelope. Don’t open it yet! Wait until the day of departure and don’t worry, this message contains all the tips and information needed when you reach the destination. If you like surprises – don’t hesitate, chose Pack Up and Go!

Bungalo – Icelandic Vacation


It’s oh so quiet! Sings Bjork who comes from Iceland. Indeed it is. The country is defined by its dramatic landscape with volcanoes, geysers and lava fields – it looks stunning yet so peaceful. Bungalo is focused not only on providing accommodation but also on creating a unique experience. Get to know it from its ins and outs, just like locals do. Bungalo offers travelers charming cottages owned by local families with a personal and friendly feel, making it easier to make Icelandic friends and experience the real culture of this area.

Bungalo’s base consists of over 400 cottages to choose from – it makes it Iceland’s largest marketplace with properties all around the country. Booking the property is a piece of cake. Once you enter, you’ll see the space to choose the exact area you’d like to go, dates you’re most interested in, and the number of people that will stay in the cottage with you. Browse all the offers, choose the best one to enjoy the Icelandic nature. Plain sailing!


Le Collectionist – Exclusive Stay


Now something for those of you who love to spend their vacation luxuriously. The problem with all the most exclusive villas and apartments is that they don’t look like on the pictures that you’ve seen on your screen, or what worse they don’t even exist – the result is you waste your money on the reservation and stand in the middle of nowhere. What to do not to get clipped?

Visit, choose the villa you’re most interested in, and enjoy your luxurious vacation. You don’t have to be worried whether your dream property exists or not. The LeCollectionist’s team inspects every property to make you sure that everything is true. What’s more, you have a financial security regarding the payment, which is incredibly important when it comes to such big amounts of money. You can feel safe to book a property via LeCollectionist. Choose one of 534 properties, specify your destination, how much you’re ready to spend on your luxurious vacation, how many rooms and baths you’d like to have in your villa, or some of the additional options, such as gym, jacuzzi, tennis court, or even a private beach! Isn’t it the best way to plan the safest and the most luxurious vacation? If you are lucky enough you will have a chance to stay in Sir Richard Branson’s chalet in Verbier, Switzerland!


SurfBreak Rentals – Surfers Paradise


Are you a keen surfer or a beginner who wants to start the surfing adventure? Read on carefully because this travel agency seems to be fit and proper just for you. SurfBreak Rental is a global beach vacation startup which specializes in rentals by surfing beaches worldwide. You can search over 1.879 houses, surf camps, hotels and rooms all over the world. Isn’t that convenient, all you need to do is to type your dreamed location and check whether it’s good for the perfect vacation.

Using the SurfBreak portal is a piece of cake. You just type the city, region or choose the place you want to go to. Punch out how much money you’d like to spend, how many bedrooms and baths you’d prefer to have, and browse all the propositions prepared for you. I recommend visiting the blog section – where you’ll find stunning photos of beautiful views captured by people who enjoyed they stay organized via SurfBreak Rentals.


Vacatia – Families for Families


The next startup is a marketplace for vacationing families and friends. The idea of this project is noble because the company not only want to make family vacations better but also to make family resorts thrive. They work with more than 600 professionally managed resorts and resort residence owners at leading hospitality. You won’t find here any hotels or private homes – instead, you’ll enjoy the family running resorts.

If you’re dreaming about spending your vacation in the United States, Canada, or Mexico – Vacatia may be just for you. Booking at is incredibly easy, once you enter the website, you’ll see the place to choose your holiday destination, dates of your visit and number of people traveling with you. Click search and get the access to the wide range of resorts in the given area. This portal can be the perfect solution for those who like to plan everything very precisely. Once you start searching for an apartment, you’ll be not only able to see numerous photos of the accommodation, but also the floor plan, which may be helpful while looking for the best place for the bigger group of people traveling together. Book the one that you like the most and support family resorts.


Go Go Places – Feel Like a Local


Have you ever wondered what’s going on when the summer season is over? In most of the vacation spots, the crowd is getting smaller, and prices drop sharply – now it’s locals turn to enjoy the charm of sea resorts and the beautiful views left by all the tourists. Wouldn’t it be nice to feel the real spirit of your holiday destination? If you have some time beyond the vacation season, use it in the best way. Plan the journey to the places you may not even hear about and enjoy them as locals do. Make Go Go Places plan your best and affordable vacation!

Choose the place you’d like to go, and browse all the available options. The base of locations isn’t very impressive, but if you want to spend your holidays in Croatia, Portugal, Malta, Italy, or Indonesia, this portal will be just for you. Browse all the houses and apartments available, choose the most attractive option for yourself, and make Go Go Places save your money while organizing your stay in the local and indigenous atmosphere!


Planning the dreamed vacation for some people is one of the most pleasant things to do during the year, but for others, it becomes such a drudgery. To avoid getting tired and frustrated, visit websites mentioned above and plan your dream vacation easy, safe, and quickly. I hope you’ll enjoy it!


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