Salad and Go

A new drive-thru salad bar called Salad and Go has opened in Arizona. It should scare legacy fast food brands for many reasons. The food there is cheap, fast, tasty, and you never need to leave your car. What’s the most important part? The menu is composed of fresh and healthy ingredients.

Thus, this place is a great alternative for those who are in a hurry but still want to eat high-quality products. Salad and Go sells 48-ounce salads, all priced between $5.74 and $8.23 depending on whether you add chicken, steak, or shrimp. It also offers soups, smoothies, and breakfast, which all cost around $4. They also offer a seasonal menu.

How what happened to enable the restaurant to be so cheap? Its drive-thru model is actually what mainly allows the chain to keep prices low. Since the 650-square-foot locations don’t have inside seating, Salad and Go has low operational costs and, as a result, it can keep its salads under $6.

This drive-thru salad bar has six locations in Arizona but one of its co-founders, Roushan Christofellis, plans to launch eight more Arizona locations by the end of 2017, expanding elsewhere in the US in the next two years.

If you don’t want to drive to a salad bar, check out our 60 seconds salad maker.

Image Credits: By Salad and Go CC


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