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Were you aware that hackers could gain access to the cameras on your devices? Nowadays, we could become victims of Internet crime without even knowing this. That’s why we have to protect our privacy. You might be asking yourself, right now, how can you do this? The startup Intelligent Security – from Geneva in Switzerland – has come up with the simplest and the most practical solution ever. The company has created IS|CC – the world’s thinnest, most ergonomic and seamless mechanical webcam privacy cover.

The creators have designed their product for “people who like to have more privacy, security, and peace of mind when using smartphones, tablets, and computers.” They note that using tape, stickers or post-it notes can ruin the look and feel of the camera, leaving residue and fingerprints on your device. They also do not last very long. IS|CC is a sophisticated solution to all of these problems.


First of all, this mechanical webcam privacy cover is 8% thinner than a credit card at 0.7 mm. Secondly, it does not affect the closing of a laptop. Thanks to its ergonomic, aesthetically pleasing and minimalistic design, the installation is a piece of cake. Thirdly, IS|CC allows you to hide and unhide the camera with no damage. Thus, you will have access to your camera in a breeze. Last, but not least, this little gadget suits almost all electronic devices.

The product consists of two parts, a low carbon steel ring with advanced adhesive and a custom neodymium magnetic disc. The ring sticks to your device with the adhesive and the disc attaches to the ring magnetically. IS|CC is made of the most suited high-quality steel and neodymium. The sliding disc does not touch your device, so it does not scratch it.

Furthermore, you can position the IS|CC so it does not cover the indicator light and light sensor. You can quickly clean this product and the area around by removing the disc. The product is nickel plated, which protects it from both wear and water. You can use the webcam cover as a fidget toy, especially on smartphones. In addition to all of this, the webcam cover is manufactured in the United States.

IS|CC has a has a number of benefits! It protects individuals from kids to the elderly against spying on any local or online network, and government organized spying. Gadget keeps safe IP (Intellectual Property), business activities, trade secrets, and business projects from competition spying. Saves confidential, secret and top secret information and provides ultimately control whether your camera can see. Last, but not least IS|CC raises the society’s awareness about privacy.

Currently, you can pre-order this small gadget as Intelligent Security has launched their product on Kickstarter. You can purchase an early bird of IS|CC for 11CHF (approx $11). The company is shipping anywhere in the world and they plan to deliver the product on May 2017. Don’t hesitate. The FBI Director, Mark Zuckerberg and the Pope all cover their cameras. Don’t be ignorant and seize the chance to protect your privacy!


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