chicken kinetise developer

Kinetise is a new codeless tool, which allows companies to build native apps without any knowledge about programming. It works through visual means and lets it’s users operate on enterprise-ready features. The platform may, for example, be used to track deliveries, create an independent chat application, or a companys’ own mobile app.

The biggest advantage of Kinetise over a standard developer is the time it takes to create a new app. With this platform, companies are able to build apps promptly, providing their employees with the mobile tool that is needed at crucial moments. A downside of the startup might be smaller flexibility than you usually get while contacting a developer. Obviously, this “machine” can not fully replace the human element but, for sure, it will be trying to meet most of the customers’ needs.

This Polish startup presents a very new approach to native apps. With the positive responses from clients and a booming number of registered users, Kinetise is likely to start a revolution of mobile applications development.


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