Do you know the feeling when it’s a perfect day, the sun is shining, and you’re just about to take some rest when, like, out of the blue, your laundry machine breaks down. There is water everywhere. Your neighbor is hammering to your door – his apartment is soaking wet too. Are you just about to panic? Don’t do it! Let your neighbor in, explain what happened, while in a meantime visit and schedule the appointment with an expert who will fix your washer.

What is Gatepe?

Gatepe was founded in 2016. Its services are available in some of the cities in India but the idea is definitely worth paying attention. Its aim is to provide all the services you may need in your house at very competitive prices. They not only help you when something breaks down but also when you want to rearrange your apartment. If you’re ready to change the wall paint color, repair broken appliances, clean the place, or get rid of insects and pests – contact with them and choose the most suitable time to have the work done.


Gatepe provides the solution for a broad range of home maintenance and other daily need. It makes you able to book all the necessary services within few minutes. No worries! All the Gatepe experts are highly crafted artisans with many years of experience, and it’s not the only reason why you should check this one out!

Booking is very simple and provides easy scheduling. You may be sure that once you arrange the expert visit, it won’t be rescheduled and the specialist will arrive on time. Do you know the feeling when the electrician, plumber or carpenter says goodbye, closes the door and leaves you with all the mess? Now it’s your time to work and face the problem. Forget! Gatepe’s experts always clean up as soon as their job is done. Isn’t it a better solution?

Services Provided by Gatepe

Whenever you want to make some small repairs or a huge renovation of your house, don’t hesitate, book experts at Gatepe.


Gatepe provides services such as painting, home cleaning, plumber services, carpenter services, plumbing, pest control, as well as home appliances repair and maintenance.
With Gatepe fixing all of your household problems seems to be a piece of cake. Visit the website and get to know the idea better.


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