plane grypmat

Tom Burden, a product designer, an F-16 mechanic in the United States Air Force and founder of Grypshon Industries, has invented a product which is going to improve your workflow and get the job done. The Grypmat – the world’s most versatile tool mat – is dedicated to trade professionals, mechanics, tinkerers, gadget junkies, and DIY amateurs alike. This mat is a multi-purpose product that will keep your tools and hardware in place, no matter where you put them.

The product is a high-performance, flexible, non-magnetic, non-slip, chemical resistant, anti-static, rubber tool mat. Thanks to its unique polymer-silicone blend, the Grypmat’s insane grip can hold tools at extreme angles (up to 70 degrees) on a variety of work surfaces. Furthermore, the product is resistant to all types of chemicals and, if it gets gunked up with grease, dust or any dirt, wiping it with a damp cloth will make it as good as new.

flexibility grypmat

The Grypamt is also durable. It won’t get damaged or decay due to the common risks of working with machinery, extending its lifetime far past anything else of its kind. If it gets dirty, just use some soap: this mat is really easy-to-wash. Besides, these mats are flame-resistant. Catching on fire while working, a risk some mechanics face pretty regularly, is not good for productivity.

The bright orange Grypmat comes in three sizes: large, medium and small. The small mat consists of six compartments that keep hardware organized and within an arm’s reach. The medium is designed to help keep more hand tools together in close proximity, and the large Grypmat is an improved design of the original, perfect for more advanced jobs that require a bunch of tools. The large and medium Grypmat also contain a built-in ruler.

easy-to-wash grypmat

For every working man and woman, their tools are vital to them performing their job successfully. Naturally, the engine, car body, plane wing, or whatever you’re working on is typically the easiest place to put them. Yet, by their very nature, these places make lousy workbenches. They’re curved and painted – and things just don’t stay where they are put.

Tom and his team created Grypmat to help you avoid unexpected situations in your garage and make your work process even more efficient. Now, they give you chance to repay them. All you have to do is support Gryphson Industries’ campaign on Kickstarter and pre-order these stunning mats (small for $30, medium – $35, large – $70 – or trio pack for $100). Don’t hesitate!


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