Once upon the time, over the hills and far away, in New York lived a little girl Chloe. She loved to listen when her mom was reading her fairytales. Yet it soon started to bore her. So her mom – Natalie – wanted to make night reading more enjoyable. “Chloe loves to do shadow play before bed!” Natalie thought. She decided to bring back the love of reading in a magical way, and she created Moonlite. Now Chloe is delighted and Nathalie becomes the happiest mom in the world.

Time to find out what hides behind Moonlite. That is a bedtime story projector for mobile phones (the product current supports iPhone 6 and higher, as well as Samsung Galaxy S6 and higher). The device is easy to use. Now, you can effortlessly project your child’s favorite bedtime story onto the ceiling or wall. Moonlite makes bedtime stories come to life, with full HD story images and in-app sound effects to make the reading experience immersive and magical for children.

Moonlite was designed to bridge the gap between traditional and digital books and foster a magical, immersive storytelling experience that fuels your child’s imagination. In four quick steps, the projector is ready to use. First of all, insert the story reel. Secondly, attach the device to your phone. Thirdly, open the Moonlite application (compatible with iOS and Android systems). Fourthly, begin projector reading. This device allows you to make the stories even more magical and immersive thanks to full-color HD projections, built-in sound effects, page detection software (in beta), beautiful stories and bright, colorful illustrations.

You can choose between reviving old classics like Little Red Riding Hood, Jack and the Beanstalk or The Ugly Duckling. Bedtime stories like What Will We Do Tomorrow? and It’s Time To Go To Sleep My Love also are available. Perhaps you are looking for some educational stories for you children. No problem, Moonlite’s team has prepared those too. You can order Alphabet Fun! or Opposites. Furthermore, you can create a custom name story with Let’s Go to the Zoo. Sounds like fun, right!

Moonlite makes reading bedtime stories an event that both children and parents look forward to. This gadget bridges the gap between traditional and digital books and fosters a magical, immersive storytelling experience that fuels your child’s imagination.

Even though most people already know that reading has a significant influence on a child’s imagination, only 1 in 3 parents read to their kids every night. 50% of parents say their children would rather watch TV, or play video games, over reading a book. Moonlite would like to change those statistics.


Natalie Rebot and her team are on the right track to achieving this goal. They are trying to crowdfund their product. Feel free to support Moonlite on Kickstarter. You can purchase an early bird copy of Moonlite for $30. This pack includes a projector and either the bedtime stories pack or educational story pack. There is no time to loose – because this story deserves its happy ending!

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