face crandle travel pillow

If sleeping during travel is like an unbearable nightmare for you, FaceCradle gives you a fantastic solution. David Scrimshaw and Roz Ruwhiu, owners of Hairy Turtle Pty Ltd., have invented FaceCradle Travel Pillow. It seems to be a godsend for all lovers of sleeping and long-distance travels. The pillow is extremely comfortable and handy because of Brushed Velour. This is an ultra-soft polyester material, commonly used on high-quality neck pillows. Each cushion has a zip to remove the internal stuffing and machine wash.

The material inside is hypoallergenic. Besides, the product weighs only 0.72kg (1.6Ibs) and it’s dimensions are just 30cm x 30cm x 8cm. In other words, the pillow is light and small. FaceCradle Travel Pillow has five comfort modes: dozing, snoozing, table nap, deep sleep (front), deep sleep (side), and breath easy modes. Neck pillows are designed only to support your head when it is vertical but, when we sleep in our bed, our head is horizontal, so this is why it is so hard to sleep in Economy Class.

FaceCradle provides many comfort positions, some of which support your head horizontally. The pillow also has a strap. It attaches to a winged headrest on most long haul flights. There is no need to recline your seat with FaceCradle so, if there is no winged headrest, a pleasant chat with the person behind will ensure the strap doesn’t obstruct their screen.

FaceCradle Travel Pillow

What happens in the case of an emergency? The producers have already considered this. You just have to squeeze two buttons and the cushion collapses immediately. In Deep Sleep mode, you can quickly lift the strap over your head. What about children? Normally there are no problems. However, they have to avoid Deep Sleep mode because their heads are simply too small for the U shape. 

This travel pillow meets travelers expectations, but the creators still don’t have enough funds to launch it. All who want to support their campaign can visit their profile on Kickstarter. They know how to “Upgrade to Sleeping Class!”


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