SOUNDSHIELD: May Sound and Security Be With You


Have you ever tried to use a phone while wearing ski gloves and a helmet? No doubt, it’s not an easy task. Fortunately, Unit 1 from USA is coming to rescue you. This group of technology fans has joined forces to create SOUNDSHIELD – a unique device for ski and music aficionados. It combines headphones with a helmet for extreme sports. SOUNDSHIELD is eliminating the problem of an audio kit or earbuds slamming uncomfortably against your ears when practicing sports. The icing on the cake, however, is its seamless design. Currently, Unit 1 is raising funds on Indiegogo.

man soundshield helmet

How does SOUNDSHIELD work? Simply dock the headphones into the helmet when you need protection, and click them out when you just want audio. The patented docking system secures the headphones inside the helmet using four anchor points. They’re not going anywhere while you are shredding. When you finish, the quick release tab will detach the headphones.

This device contains only one button pairing. Simply hold down the button… and it’s done! No apps, no wires and absolutely no hassle required. A uniquely designed interface allows you to control your headphones with one hand gesture which works on even the toughest ski slopes and when you’re wearing your thickest mittens.


Rotate the dial to change volume: you can crank it up or take it down with ease. You can also take calls with a tap of the button, so there’s no need to take your phone out. SOUNDSHIELD contains a built-in mic, too. Besides this, these headphones are also waterproof. You can con chest deep in pow without a worry. Furthermore, when you finally run down the ski slope, your music will stay with you. The headphones are detachable and, even after you take off the helmet, the headphones are still working.

SOUNDSHIELD provides you not only a high sound quality but, above all, security at the highest level. The helmet was designed to comply with the three major Safety Certifications: ASTM 2040, EN1077 and EN 1078. Its interior is made with EPS foam, which adapts neatly to the shape of your head. SOUNDSHIELD also comprises a built-in ventilation system with two low-profile air inlets and six outlets to keep your head cool while you move.

longboard soundshield helmet

Juan Garcia Mansilla, founder and CEO, emphasizes that his startup sets out to offer sports enthusiasts “the perfect blend of design and functionality, with a product that fits both the everyday and the extreme.” This device is aptly suited to skateboarders, rollerbladers, skiers and snowboarders alike. Feel free to support SOUNDSHIELD and pre-order an early bird for $169. A planned delivery in scheduled for December 2017. It looks like your next ski season could be simply brilliant!


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