Talia Sari Turns Any Place on Earth Into Jewelry


    Which city is close to your heart? London, Paris, New York, Tokyo, maybe even your hometown or the place you’re always daydreaming about? Now, you can literally wear them next to your heart! How is this possible? Talia Sari, an industrial designer and a jeweler who “loves telling stories in her designs”, has come up with an idea to turn the map of people’s favorite places on earth into jewelry. Over a year of development, she decided to share her process and creation with the Kickstarter community. Though Talia’s urban collection “You Are Here” was launched few day ago this jewelry line has already reached its crowdfunded goal.

    map jewerly you are here

    “Take a memory and wear it” encourages Talia. She selected a bunch of cities from around the world and began the most stylish city game. Now you can choose your own city, or the one you wish to live in, and always have it close to you. “At first glance, the jewelry looks like a graphic composition of lines, but with context these lines become personal, capturing memories, experiences and relationships” she explains.

    map jewerly you are here Paris

    How does it work? On the online interactive map, you’ll be able to enter any address or place and zoom or drag to finalize your frame. Your map frame will be further refined and embedded into your selected jewelry design at the studio. The virtual design will be transformed into metal and plated with high-quality 24K gold or silver. Your map jewelry will be finished and elegantly packed before being sent to you.

    you are jewerly new york
    New York

    Sari’s jewelry has a minimalist and pure design which will suit anyone and works for any occasion. You can choose a pendant necklace, with three different lengths available to choose from, a statement ring with an open back for adjusting to your size, or a unisex lapel pin to adorn any jacket or pocket. All of the collection’s designs are available in 24K gold or sterling silver plating with a matte finish.

    map jewerly you are here Rome

    This talented manufacturer has also prepared special editions that allow her backers to feel even more special. PIN has a specific spot marked on your personal map, making your piece of jewelry that much more special. A natural pearl will become the bejeweled map marker.
    STORY features three or more different maps on one necklace, telling the whole story.
    Last, but not least, ZOOM is the oversized version of the place closest to your heart in a custom shaped statement necklace.

    map jewerly you are here San Francisco
    San Francisco

    A central part of the creation process requires the use of technology called Photo Etching. This technology can only be made affordable when the production process meets the high-quality standards. That’s why Talia has decided to raise funds for her urban collection via Kickstarter. You can support her campaign and pre-order one customized piece of jewelry for $79. Wearing your favorite city street grid on your neck or finger? Priceless!

    map jewerly you are here cities


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