‘Metamorphosis’ Implements Slow Fashion for Fast Growing Kids


Would you like to have access to high-quality clothes which both look and feel great? How about products which reduce textile waste and will inspire the next generation to live more sustainably? London-based kids brand Jake+Maya (Kids) is on a mission to create “slow fashion for fast growing kids.” Tze Ching Yeung, the founder of Jake+Maya Kids and a mom to twins, knows exactly how quickly children can grow out of their clothes. Often their clothes are in perfect condition, yet you have to get rid of them because they no longer fit. This slow fashion inspiring startup has come up with the smart solution. They decided to share their idea with the world and have just started the crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.

Jake+Maya (Kids) has designed their clothing line for kids called ‘Metamorphosis’ which last longer and even survive through growth spurts. These clothes will transform with your fast growing child, increasing the lifespan of a standard garment from the average of 1 year to more than 3 years. The design company wants to help parents save money and time. “As a mum of twins (Jake & Maya), I find it really frustrating to see the huge volume of clothing that we are regularly compelled to dispose of. Children grow really fast and they often grow out of their clothing faster than they can wear them, leaving piles of good clothing that has just been outgrown” says Tze Ching Yeung.

t-shirt Jake+Maya

‘Metamorphosis’ was made with full respect for our environment. Jake+Maya (Kids) meets all the standards of an ethical production process. They cooperate with local UK producers and social enterprises using only organic materials and waterbased inks. The collection utilizes zero waste design techniques to vastly reduce the amount of waste created during production.

Trousers have adjustable elastic waistbands

Each item has been made to last longer. The collection features bespoke waistbands on trousers, with many items having longer hems and cuffs. Additional adjustable features have been incorporated into the designs to extend wearability through growth spurts and over many years. These key items are reversible and multifunctional.

Also, the company believes that each child’s size is different, so shopping by age doesn’t make sense. Furthermore, they resign from stereotypical gender designs. They have made their clothes gender neutral and many items are unisex, too. Jake+Maya (Kids) abandoned age-sizing for a simple S, M, L in each garment. Their wears are personalisable to encourage individuality and freedom to experiment.

kids jake+maya

Parents want to protect their children and install the right moral standards into their life from their earliest years. Thus, they should invest in items which teach children sustainable values like respecting the environment, reducing pollution and material waste, bringing these ethical norms into daily life. Therefore, choosing ‘Metamorphosis’ is a great move. Kids love these clothes. This fashion line triggers their imagination and inspires their creativity. Children find Jake+Maya (Kids) clothes really comfortable and fun to wear.

Keys items are reversible and multifunctional

“The textile industry is currently the world’s second most polluting industry, right after the oil industry. In traditional manufacturing, up to 30% of textile is wasted. Our aim is to reduce our waste to almost nothing.” If you agree with the values standing behind this slow fashion, you can support Jake+Maya (Kids) campaign. T-shirts, pants, and jackets are available from $28-$75. The most popular items can be preordered as part of the Kickstarter campaign, with the full collection of almost 40 items being made available in the summer.


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