macbook pro

The whole Internet has gone crazy after Apple launched their new MacBook Pro. Every tech site is filled with information, reviews, tests and comments about the new Apple laptop.

So, what’s it all about? The newest MacBook is, of course, thinner and lighter than the previous models. It is provided with a fingerprint scanner and four USB-C ports, used for both power and connectivity. However, it lacks any standard USB ports, SD card reader or HDMI ports, which is meeting a lot of customer dissatisfaction. The USB-C is also supposed to replace the MagSafe power adapter.

However, the biggest novelty is the new OLED touch panel above the keyboard, which lets the users use dynamic shortcuts functions, such as volume and window management, as well as sending emojis. The panel, called Touch Bar, is going to adapt to any software we’re using. It can also be used for navigation in browsers, photo manipulation, and text suggestions when typing.

Now available for sale, the MackBook Pro is going to be shipped in two to three weeks. The lack of many important ports will probably scare away some of the buyers but, for the real Apple aficionados out there, ordering another connector shouldn’t be a problem. We will see how the new solutions influence Apples’ sales and the company’s’ position on the market.


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