Just one day before Apple was supposed to announce their own new products, Microsoft has revealed their new desktop. Surface Studio is now available to pre-order, with costs starting at $2,999.

The Studio is complete with the thinnest LCD monitor ever, created at 12.5 mm, touchscreen functionality and a  13.5 million pixels display, which makes it the best screen in its class. It is created for professionals, who work in design, photography or engineering. Furthermore, it includes fast processors and other high-end features, which combined with the Microsofts’ stylus and Surface Dial, make it very easy to control the computer and use the updated Paint app, called now Paint 3D.

As for the screen, this is designed in the way that it can be folded to lay flat on the desk and be used like a tablet, users can also position it at different angles.

With all the amazing features, Surface Studio is competing with the best hardware on the market.

According to Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s chief executive, the new device is creating a new category of desktops. After the excitement all over the Internet, we can’t wait to see how Surface Studio will perform in reality!


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