luggage delta

Everybody who flies a lot, especially with several transfers, has experienced having their luggage lost at least once. This situation is very stressful and uncomfortable as, usually, you don’t have any clothes to change into, nor toiletries. If that wasn’t enough, in the worst cases,your laptop or expensive photographic gear was also packed in your checked luggage. Delta Air Lines decided to solve this problem with a new app which lets users track their luggage in real-time.

The application is paired with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags, which are supposed to replace the barcode method of tracking bags at the 84 airports currently served by Delta Air Lines.

This app will enable passengers to see the exact location of their luggage at an airport level. It will also improve the system of identifying bags. When the sensors indicate baggage is on the wrong belt, it will stop the conveyor and let the agents relocate the bag.

We hope this new system will work and let passengers be more relaxed, sure in the knowledge that their luggage will arrive at their destination at the same time they will.


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