Kammok, a team of adventure enthusiasts from sunny Austin in Texas, has created a high-quality product which satisfies the most demanding of tastes. The Sunda is a game-changing tent hammock, designed for use at any occasion, any terrain and any time. So, if you are a big fun of mountain claiming, forests, lakes or simply camping, this product will be perfect for you.

What makes Sunda more than a regular tent? As the founders conceived, this product is not only a tent. It is also a hammock and…. an animal. Sunda combines the most important qualities in a tent: versatility, durability, and livability. The producers made sure that it could adapt to a traveler’s needs in any environment.

Also, they want customers to feel at home wherever they decide to set up camp. That’s why they took this tent off the ground and created a hammock. The Kammok’s team even added a little inspiration from the animal kingdom to name the product. Sunda is a flying lemur!

This product is extremely useful and practical. You can match a tent to variable landscapes. Think of the Sunda as four unique shelters in one: your best-in-class tent, all-in-one camping hammock, ultra-light shelter, and minimalist hammock. The Sunda stands alone as a best-in-class, freestanding 2(+) person tent.

It is built with cutting-edge, ultra-durable fabrics and constructed with time-perfected production techniques, the Sunda outlasts and under-weighs comparable tents. Besides this, the product is comfortable, waterproof, easy to use and really light. Likewise, it also insect protection.

Sunda hammock

If you are looking for a product which suits any surface, any weather and any occasion, and any adventure you’ve found one. Now, you can help to bring Sunda into the life by supporting Kammok’s campaign on Kickstarter and gain a multitasking tent for $299.


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