Zane Lamprey, traveler, host, producer, and entrepreneur has created the most funded Kickstarter fashion project EVER! At first glance, ADV3NTURE Hoodie looks like a regular jacket, but definitely, it’s so much more. Let see what makes this product “a handsome, super-comfy hoodie” (Maxim), “the perfect tailgating accessory” (Huffington Post) and “ridiculously comfortable” (Men’s Journal)?

In 2014, the Drinking Jacket, Lamprey’s project, was successfully Kickstarted. Now he has manufactured an even more comfortable and multifunctional jacket. He took everything that was great about the Drinking Jacket, improved it and created the Adv3nture Hoodie. They’re all about taking years of research and design, triumphs and mistakes, as well as listening to their customers, to make a product that becomes something that people can appreciate.

Why does the founder call his product ADV3NTURE? This name combines the word adventure and number 3. The “3” represents three things. First of all, it highlights Zane’s foray into being a world traveler as the host of Three Sheets. Secondly, this product is Zane’s third Kickstarter. Thirdly, it mirrors the three pillars of the company, “Travel, Explore, Live.”

ADV3NTURE is, first and foremost, an everyday hoodie which is comfy and stylish at the same time. The company offers an innovative hoodie with a neoprene koozie drink pocket, a dedicated place for your sunglasses, a bottle opener zipper, and integrated gloves.


Zane’s team have prepared two versions of the jacket. First, there is the ADV3NTURE Hoodie Classic collection, produced of soft hood-liner. It comes in Black & Blue, Smoke & Fire (gray & red), Triple Black (black, with black accents) and Navy Grey (navy with gray zipper & hood-liner). Secondly, there’s also the ADV3NTURE Hoodie Limited versions, which are the same structure as the Classic but are made with premium fabrics with black accents and black zippers. They come in (woven) Herringbone and Black Camo.

There are nine pockets and fourteen features that are seamlessly incorporated in the ADV3NTURE Hoodie. The company set out to create a hoodie that is full of innovations but is primarily a stylish high-end hoodie. For example, this multitasking jacket has a sunglass pocket and can be used as a pillow. Furthermore, the top zipper is a bottle opener. There is reflective cabling sewn into the front button pockets and on the hood (from the front to the back). The cuffs of the hoodie fold out to serve as gloves. This is only some of the amazing features, as it has much, much more!


If this hoodie meets your expectations, you can pre-order it on Kickstarter for $79. ADV3NTURE’s campaign is remarkably successful. Lamprey’s company has already gained 4,884% of the original goal and it’s still rising!

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