If you associate breakfast with wake-up calls and boring meals, you surely haven’t heard about Toasteroid. This device combines a regular toaster and an app for smart images. Toasteroid allows you to turn your bread into a little masterpiece. You can share important news, send funny messages, and draw amusing pictures. Also, you can preview the bread’s brownness before toasting.

How does it work? The idea isn’t complicated. Users have to download the Toasteroid companion mobile app and connect their smartphones to Toasteroid via Bluetooth. Then, they put bread in the toaster and they adorn the toast as they wish. They can choose from a collection of existing templates or create new patterns.

Toasteroid’s producers give its users hands on a high-quality product. This product is made from aluminum, dirtproof and has a removable crumb tray, a cord storage, and an extra long and wide slot. Toasteroid’s smart toasting system is powered by high-density micro-filament heating technology (patent pending). Furthermore, with its curved die-cast aluminum body and minimal design, it can match with any counter top.


Additional advantage! Regular toasters have a very uneven heating distribution, which results in an uneven doneness of the toast. Commonly, this affects the overall crunch of the toast but, in more severe cases, some parts of your toast can be burnt while other parts are still soft. Toasteroid eliminates this problem with its micro-filament heating technology, which spreads heat evenly. You can support this project on Kickstarter or buy Toasteroid for $85. Perhaps it isn’t the lowest of prices but mornings in a good mood are invaluable.


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