Take a look at your room. Perhaps the time has come to clean up a little? The cleaning up is done, but the mess still surrounds you. You are probably wondering “what causes this unbearable chaos?” The answer is simple – ubiquitous cables! Native Union, a company from Los Angeles, now offers a smart solution to this issue. They have created ECLIPSE – the new, neater way to charge your daily devices. Now, there’s no more need for messy cables on the floor.

Nowadays, we rely on our tech more and more, but all these devices need charging. This often results in more cables – cables which quickly get chaotic. ECLIPSE effortlessly resolves this problem. This device is the only USB hub you don’t need to hide away. With its compact and round design, it can live on your nightstand, desk, or even your wall using the included wall mount.

Every ECLIPSE contains a free Micro-USB Cable (upgradable to MFi Certified Lightning, or USB-IF Certified USB-C to USB-C by adding $5) – if you purchase multiple ECLIPSEs, you will receive multiple free (upgradable) Micro-USB Cables. Up to three of your USB cables are wound into their precision-engineered channel, so you’ll never have to worry about them tangling or overlapping. ECLIPSE is available with a Type A/B, Type C/E/F/J/L, Type G, or Type I electrical plug.

This smart tool allows you charge any of your USB devices. Furthermore, it helps you keep up to 24 feet (about 7m) of cables neat, safe, and secure. ECLIPSE protects your cables from everyday dangers like people tripping on them, rolling chairs, playful cats, and cable thieves. ECLIPSE gives you free access to your cables and lets you unwind them to their maximum length easily and without effort.


The device comes with a braided power cable, extending each of your charging cables by an extra 4 feet (about 1 meter). The product also includes a genuine leather strap, letting you wrap any cable up and keep things neat. Now, you only need one power socket for your daily charging needs. Likewise, ECLIPSE has a delightfully minimalist design which suits any interior. ECLIPSE comes in three colors: Marine with Cherry Wood, Taupe with Walnut Wood and White with Cherry Wood (Kickstarter Exclusive).

We have been waiting for wireless charging to become the norm for years now, but the reality is, we’re still very much in the cable era. Current technologies require a charging mat or puck that still needs a USB cable to be plugged into a power source. The charging speed is slower, and you can’t comfortably use your mobile device while it charges because it needs direct contact with the mat.

Furthermore, there are different standards competing with each other (Qi, PMA, etc.) making this market still really niche. Native Union decided that it was not worth increasing the total price and size of ECLIPSE by adding a wireless charging coil that would only benefit a limited number of users.


However, ECLIPSE has something that’s different from the other products. The device works with most wireless charging devices. Its flat wooden top will be the perfect support for any USB-powered charging mat.

Besides, ECLIPSE uses smart IC technology to ensure that your devices are always charging at their maximum speed (up to 2.4A, and 3A via USB-C). With a single touch, ECLIPSE rises and emits a subtle halo, so you can forget about fumbling around for your cable in the dark. Now, you can admire an astonishing astronomical phenomenon every single day!

Thus, if you like an idea to get rid of cable clutter and charge wireless your electronic devices, you have to support ECLIPSE’s camping on Kickstarter. Don’t let ECLIPSE eclipse your vigilance. There are only three days left, don’t hesitate!


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