Do you know that Harry Potter turns 20 this year? It was 1997 when the history written by J.K.Rowling was published and spread all over the world. Harry Potter is as well-known as the U.S. president or the pope. Everyone heard about him and his friends and more or less knows what’s going on in the plot. All the kids wanted to have the magical rod and Nimbus 2000 – the best broom in the world. That’s all true. But have you ever wondered how did the Harry Potter changed the way things go in the Silicon Valley?

Do I Have to Finish my Studies to Do a Business?

It is always good to explore as much as possible because it’s enriching your cognitive skills and knowledge. But for some of the young people, it’s just a waste of precious time which could be devoted to building and developing their brilliant projects. Do you remember Ron’s older brothers, Fred and George Weasley? They didn’t finish Hogwarts; instead, they started their own business. During the school years, they were rather roughhousing than taking advantage of Severus Snape’s lectures, so, as it turned out later ­– they made the best decision they could. Now the promising entrepreneurs seem to follow their example and are no longer afraid of dropping out of school, do what they like and are good at. When you have a plan, a great idea, enough skills, and a lot of work done due to your project, consider doing what you love – the same as Fred and George did.


Harry Potter, The Boy Who Invests?

That’s right! After winning the Triwizard Tournament, he was asked by Fred and George to back their idea. He did so to help their friends’ idea thrive and develop on the market. It was worth it! Weasleys made it, and with a little bit of Potter’s seed funding, they turned their business into a well prospering enterprise. Now, it seems like many of investors help the brilliant idea to gain success on the market. More and more angel investors are ready to back small, excellent projects. If they don’t do so, it would be more difficult for many projects to kick off, even if the idea is awesome. As you all know, finding a venture capitalist willing to back you is not easy, and sometimes all they do is just promising, but often these are just empty words. Who knows, maybe Harry Potter’s act changed the way people invest in the Silicon Valley?

Harry Was Never Afraid to Do Things

We must admit that Harry Potter was always pursuing his aim. Very often, it wasn’t easy. Sometimes, he had to fight against the gigantic Basilisk, while another time he had to turn into Goyle – Draco’s friend – to unravel the mystery of petrification connected with the Chamber of Secrets. As you see, the boy was ready to do a lot (to drink an awful Payjuice Potion in this case) to stop the frightening events that were happening in Hogwarts. Harry’s attitude was similar to this of the entrepreneurs in the Silicon Valley. They are ready to make their idea and environment thrive no matter the price. If you want to achieve success in the Silicon Valley, follow Potter’s example – act fast, be critical of your success, and never stop.


Some of The Best Apps Were Invented in Hogwarts

Ron’s mom has never been worried about all the family members. Why? Because she had a brilliant clock that displayed information on where all her kids and husband are. I bet that the majority of mothers all over the world are jealous when they see this device on Molly’s wall. The new technology connected with moving photos seems to be closer to the Muggle’s world too. Many millennials who are now running their business in the Silicon Valley weaned on Harry Potter stories might have been inspired by the brilliant ideas described in the book.


Do you wear Glasses? You’re Cool, Not Nerd

Everyone who wore glasses before Harry Potter was a nerd; now, the things changed dramatically. Now, wearing glasses and doing what you love at school or in your free time doesn’t make you a nerd, it rather makes you feel cool and close to the Silicon Valley. Those who follow Potter’s example, work hard, act, and wear glasses (optionally) are more likely to succeed in the future. They don’t have to be worried about being nicknamed as a “nerd.”


When someone wants to know as much about business and startups, he or she follows many wise and recommended books such as ‘The Lean Startup’ or ‘Zero to One: Notes on Startups, or How to Build the Future.’ I don’t doubt that these books are worth paying attention. But look how big impact had Harry Potter on our lives and market. Maybe it’s time to get to the plot closer than ever before?


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