Smart Garden 9

What matters most to people around the world? As the OECD Better Life Index shows, the answer is health. It is one of the most important values in people’s lives, next after family, friends, and life satisfaction. Good health brings many benefits, including enhanced access to education and the job market, an increase in productivity and wealth, reduced health care costs, good social relations, and, of course, a longer life. These advantages are sufficient reasons to start caring about yourself. The company Click & Grow from San Francisco makes this work much easier. Let’s find out why!

Click & Grow has invented Smart Garden 9. This is a meticulously designed, self-growing garden that revolutionizes how fresh food is grown. This garden helps all plants thrive, automatically making sure they have the right amounts of water, light, oxygen, and nutrients. If you don’t have a backyard or the time to garden, why should this mean you should have to forgo quality for the spray-covered, “fresh” food supermarkets offer?

The Smart Garden: Your solution for better food. project video thumbnailHow does Smart Garden 9 work? This system is the easiest indoor gardening solution on the market, involving far less noise than hydroponic systems. All you have to do is fill the water tank and plug the garden in.

The company also thinks about the backbone of any backyard. The Smart Soil is 100% safe, as nanotech material supplies plant roots with the right amount of oxygen, water and nutrients at all times. It’s no regular soil, but a material that breathes with the plant and evenly disperses air and water mixtures, based on the plant’s needs. Made of natural materials, the Smart Soil is also biodegradable.

Smart Garden 9

Smart Gardens are neither hydroponic nor aeroponic. They use a unique technology that grows food without using pesticides, herbicides or any other harmful substances. This system allows you grows your plants faster and stop buying into the lifestle of waste (of energy, resources, harvests, and more) that defines corporate farming.

Furthermore, Smart Garden 9 is small enough to fit in any apartment perfectly, yet big enough to transform the way you eat. You can grow anything from tomatoes and parsley to trees and flowers. You can also mix and match a wide variety of plants. This product lets you combine a healthy lifestyle with good fun.

Using the garden is as easy as 1-2-3Do you know that Smart Garden 9 technology reduces the moisture level in the root zone in a very controlled manner, thereby using water stress to increase antioxidants in plants? This system is able to raise the percentage of antioxidants in some of the plants by almost 600% when compared to store-bought alternatives. Keep in mind – this is done without using any chemicals or fertilizers!

Three elements make this device remarkably smart: the soil, the watering, and the lighting. The soil supplies the perfect amounts of nutrients, air, and water. This is supported by the watering system, which uses safe sensors to continually distribute the perfect amount of water to each plant. Finally, the lighting reduces light pollution through the use of highly transparent optics.

These three, combined together, optimize a plant’s growth cycles by carefully monitoring the factors that affect their growth on a micro level. You can keep pH, aeration, moisture, and nutrition right where the plants need them to be, without relying on the expensive mechanical control systems of hydroponics.

Smart Garden 9

If that wasn’t enough, this product delights in its simple and minimalistic design. You can choose from three colors: white, dark gray and mellow beige. Each available pledge also contains 9 complimentary lettuce plant capsules.

Click & Grow, after successfully launching their product Smart Herbs Garden on Kickstarter three years ago, they have decided to try again. You can help to crowdfund Smart Garden 9 and purchase a super early bird product (in white) for $79. Become an independent gardener and increase your standard of living with almost zero effort!


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